Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


15. Running

           I sit in my cell the rest of the day halfway between sleeping and thinking. When night comes I start to feel my stomach tingle with nervousness. We have no other plan and if this one doesn't work we're screwed. After awhile and Dian still hasn't come, I start to worry. Maybe she thought it through and decided not to help us. Then there is a screeching noise as my cell door opens.

         "Come on," says Dian.

         I follow her down a series of hallways until she stops in front of a cell. She opens the door, but I step in before she can. I run to him and his arms wrap around me. It feels nice to have him this close to me. I do not want him to let me go, but he has to. He brings my face to his. His hand rests on my back and he pulls me closer. My fingers wrap in his hair and our lips collide. They move at the same time forcing the other one to move with them. I feel whole again and I know that I need him. His lips are warm and soft. I totally forget about Dian until I hear, "Uhhhh ummm."

         "Sorry," I smile.

         "What are you doing here," he asks.

         "Dian is going to get us out."


         "Yeah that would be me and if you want to get out of here then we have to go," Dian points to herself.

         "Then lets go."

         We walk down some more hallways till we reach some doors. The doors are being guarded be 4 soldiers, which all have guns. I start to freak out. I am a bad liar and if they ask me any questions they will probably know something is up.

         "Where do you think you're going," one of them asks.

         "They are being transferred to another building for further testing and I have been instructed to take them," Natalie explains.

         "Then we will escort you," the guard insists.

         "That really wont be necessary," Dian says softly.

         "Miss if one of us do not take you then you are not allowed to go."

         I expect Dian to agree and let them take us, but she doesn't. Instead she jumps on the one who has been talking to us and yanks his gun out of his hand. I stand there in shock as she throws the gun to Derin. He aims at the guard beside the one Dian is clinging to and shoots, but it is too late. The guard lets a bullet fly out of the gun right before Derin's bullet hits him in the head. Time seems to slow as the bullet travels toward Dian. It strikes her right bellow her heart. She gasps and falls to the ground. Another gun goes off and it finds it's way to her gut. I know it is too late. The first bullet was fatal. I run toward her and pull her head into my lap. Derin shoots the remaining guards and sits beside me. Tears are an understatement. I am sobbing too loud, more guard are going to come.

          "You-you have.... to....go," her voice is strained. I do not look at her wounds. I look at her beautiful face, forcing it to remain stuck in my head, so I will always remember what she looked like.

          "No I cant leave you. You are going to live, you- you cant die," I insist, but I know it is a lie.

          "Natalie, I... know... where the bullets hit... me. You have... to go now...I -I'm ready to die," she whispers.

          "Thank you Dian, for everything," I barely get the words out through the tears.

          "Goodbye Natalie," she holds my hand tightly.

          "Goodbye Dian, I'll never forget you."

          Her hold on my hand slowly begins to fade and I know I have to go. I stand up and grab Derin's hand. I look at Dian again. My only friend is dead. I see her face in the dim light, it is very pale, almost a gray. Her pretty blue eyes do not shine the way they used to. She does not look like the same person anymore. I turn away, I do not want to remember her like this.

          "Lets go," I mutter.

          "Uhhh... I cant really walk... and I know this isn't a good time, but you're going to have to get a gun. We cant make it out of here without fighting."

          I walk back in the building keeping my eyes on one of the guards and grab his gun. It's some sort of machine gun. I walk back out to Derin.

         "Get ready." We point the guns at the door. I hear other guards start down the hallways. Some of them gasp at the sight they see, others come straight toward us. Derin shoots first, catching the first one in the neck. He dies quickly. I aim my gun at one of the guards and shoot. I do not focus on him falling to the ground. I turn to another one and shoot. We both do this until no one else comes out to get us. Slowly, but surely what I have just done sinks in. I have killed at least 20 people. All of which I will never know the names of. I fall to my knees, unable to make myself stand. Derin grabs my arm, but does not pull me up.

         "Natalie... I'm sorry, but Dian would want you to go. She died so you could live," Derin pulls on my arm.

         "O-okay." I stand up and I put my arm around his waist so I can help him walk.

         " I love you Natalie."

         "I love you too Derin," I say matter-of-factly.

         With that we walk away from the building and away from all that we have been through.

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