Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


8. Escape

        Someone is shaking me and I my eyes shoot open. I swing in that direction and hit something solid. I hear a cry of pain and remember its Derin.

       "I'm so sorry," I gasp.

       "Remind... me... not... to... wake... you... up," he gasp too.

       "What time is it?"

       "2:23 in the morning. Come- come on," he is still grunting and I know where I hit him. I smile in the darkness.

       "Then what are we waiting for?"

       "Well I sorta had to...WAKE...YOU...UP," he raises his voice and then starts to laugh.

       "Yeaaah. Well I have an idea."

       "Well... what is it?"

       "You that stuff they used to knock us out? Well we can get a bunch of those, sneek up on the guards and shoot the stuff in them, before they even know what happened. We could grab a couple extra too, you know, in case we do make it out of here," he watches me intently while I explain.

       "You see. This is why you are the master-mind and I, am the fighter who carries out you ideas," he walks over and turns on light and I see what he looks like. His hair is messier than I have ever seen it, his shirt is not tucked in the way it usually is, and his smile is made of straight, white teeth, fitted perfectly in his mouth. The mouth that kissed me, but also the mouth that told his dad what my parents knew, leading them to their death.

       We both walk over to the cabinet that contains the syringes. We each grab 6 and I put mine in between the waistband of my jeans and my tucked in shirt. I grab my jacket, put my arms in it, and zip it up. The jacket hides the syringes, but allow easy access. Derin does the same and we walk out into the hallway. Our joking mood vanishes instantly once we step in the hallway. The lights are off, but we still along the wall. I put a syringe in my hand. Just in case. We walk own millions of hallways, go down 20 flights of steps, and reach the 2, big, double doors. To my relief there is only 2 guards, but they do have guns. They are facing the doors and not us. We creep up silently behind them. I stop a foot behind the right guard and prepare myself to jump on him.

       I wait about 30 seconds until I am ready. My hand grasp the syringe so hard it hurts and I jump. I land on his back. A second passes before I get the needle in his neck and he collapses to the floor with me still on top of him. I push myself off and search his pockets. The guard does not have the keys.

       "Derin check him for keys," I whisper. He checks him and I hear the keys clack together as he swings them. "Lets get out of here."

       Derin unlocks the door and we step outside. A cool breeze blows my hair art around my face. It feels good to be under my own control. Derin laces his fingers with mine. I don't object, but I am constantly aware of them. We walk in a straight line into a city. We stop at a hotel named Night Inn and rent a room. We don't have any money to pay them, so its a good thing you have to pay on your way out.

       "You will be in room 54. That is on... the 4th floor," the lady at the front desk says.

       We head to an elevator and step in. Press the 4 button and wait. I feel lightheaded as we go from floor to floor. It dings and we step out. Room 54 is right up the hall and we jog to it. The room has 2 beds, a chair and a table, a small flat screen t.v, and a bathroom. It is not very big, but I guess it will do. I sit on the left bed and Derin sits on the right. He looks at me and for a second I feel like we are back at the building.

       "We made it," he says in awe.

       "I knew we would," he snorts.

       "No you didn't."

       "I know, but I've been thinking."

       "Thinking about what," he raises his eyebrows.

       "I think I've forgiven you," I say shyly.

       "Oh really?"

       "Yeah. Without you I wouldn't have made it out of there."

       "So can I give you a hug," he ask.

       "I think that would be appropriate for this situation," I giggle.

       He walks over to me and I stand up. His arms wrap around my waist and I  let my hands rest on his shoulder with my head on his chest. We sit there for a minute in silence.

       "I could get used to this."

       "Don't get to excited," I say against his chest. He laughs and I move with him. After a minute he lets go and we stand there just inches apart.

       "You should get some sleep," he finally says.

      "Goodnight," we say to each other an we head to our beds. Seconds later we are both snoring.

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