My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


11. Time to see


Today we are seeing the gender of the baby. I dont really care if it is a boy or a girl,but I have always loved the name Darcy for a girl. In a few moments we got to the place. "Good morning! Are You Mr. and Ms.Styles.?" "Yes we are here to see the gender of the baby today." I told him alright well Ms. Styles please take a seat and I will apply some jelly onto your belly. beware it iis going to be cold." She nodded her head and I held onto her hand. The nurse took out her supplies and started to look around. " Alright you have a baby... Girl!" I hugged her really tightly. " Thank you miss,have a wonderful day." "Also you baby will be born June 18." " Alright thank you mam." We headed out and Ashely said,"Just wait Harry 5 more moths and we have are little baby." "Yes we do" "Hey Ash, I was thinking next week we should get married." "Alright Hazza!" "Let me call the girls to go dress shopping with me and then I will see you Later!"


Today I am going dress shopping with Dani,El,and Perrie. We get to David's Bridal shop,and a dress catches my eyes. It was a cute dress embroded with dimonds and it was on sale for 5,000 dollars. PERFECT! I tried it on and all the girls loved it. How do I look,Stunning! The girls tried on brides maid dresses and we chose a light blue short but aproprete dress. It is kind of like a underwater theme, it is going to be great! For the little kids Ariel is going to be there from the Little mermaid. How amazing!?! We bough are dresses and then left.

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