My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


10. The third date


I still cant believe that I am pegnet with my high school bully and engaged. Things really do change i guess you can say. Today is are third date. Yep the third date and i am already pregent and engaged and we only went on a date three times. I just hope he is a keeper. Anywhoes.... I am 3 months pregnent and I am looking good. Lol no. I got drressed in nothing to flashy just a regular dress and shoes. {yes those lace toms;)} I got down stairs only to see Harry bear was wating for me. " Hey baby." "Hey sweet thang." " So we are we going?" " Mcdonalds." " So I got dressed up to eat at mc donalds? " " There is a surprise after that and nobody said to get dressed up little prissy pants." We went to the drive thru and suuprisinlg they didnt mess up are order. Then We ate in the car and he made me put a bandana on my eyes. About 5 minutes later he takes me out of the car and takes the blind fold off. It was a huge house protected with gates. Kind of like a half mansion. " Whose house is this?" I ask. " Ours and the baby inside and also Nialls bbeing that he doesnt want to live by himself and wants to be around the baby as much as possible. "really?!" " Yes baby now really. Lets go inside and I will show you around." We walk in. A beautiful living room, Alot of bed and bath rooms,and huge kitchen a nice big pool in the back yard and swing sets,just amazing! "wow I love it." " and no need to worry about moving stuff in I snuck into your house and took a few clothes and you can get the rest tomorrow." "wow Styles you really stepped up your game,and tomorrow we are checking out the gender of Baby Styles. "We walked back into te kithcen and we saw Niall hogging all the food. " NINI!" I yel while jumping into his arm bridal style. "Ashbear!'' " Give me some food."

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