My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


1. the horror hallways



I walk down the hallways carefully trying to aviod bumping into my bully... Harry. I look both ways like crossing the street and he is not there. A sigh of relefe over came me until...... well...... Harry just sorta............. Grabbed me. What does he see in making peoples lives miserable? The answer: I have NO IDEA!!!!!!!! Oh yeah by the way My name is Ashely Pemings. I am in the 12th Grade that means I am almost out of school and that means I get to collage. But......... most importantly i get away from Harry. I have been waiting for this day since.... hmmmmm.....let me  see..... Oh yeah since 9th  grade. You see we have been friends since prek and yeah. SO anyway, "Harry please let go." "hahahahahaha you think that will work? If you did you must be plain stupid." I ways scared I fellt like i shrunk from 5'9 to 5'0. Just then I felt a sharp pain in my shin. "ow!" i moaned. Harry kicked me in the shin. AS you can tell Harry hates me. Then i bi*** slap him in the face and ran away. AS i looked back he wasnt mad he was hurt.

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