My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.




"please forgive me i want to rotect you," " I like yu and i still do." Ran through my head. " I like you to." I said. " You do!?!?!?" " Yes even when you bullied me i stilled loved you." He hugged me and let go. " I love you to." He leaned forward and we kissed. Sparks flew everywhere. I never thought that I would fall For Harry Styles- my bully. " Would you like to be my girlfriend?" " I woould love to Hazza." We walked with are hands interwind with each other. I love this boy. It was the end of school and Friday so I was happy. Next week is the last day of school on Monday. I texted Harry.

A: Hey babe what do you want to do

H: I dont know wanna catch a movie

A: Sure what time to oyu want to pick me up?

H: In 30 minutes Ill be there and I still know your adress.

A: Ok see ya soon babe ;)

O went to my room and decided to change from my sweats to a I heart you crop tee andd some short shorts ans my white toms. I braided my hair into a fishtale braid. Pretty soon he came and we headed to the theater. "What movie do you wanna see?'' He asked me. " What about divergent and then we can sneak in to see frozen." " Ok i wanted to see divergent as well and i remember you were and still are a disney fan." He smirked. We walked up to the consesion  stand and orderd popcorn and sodas. I WAS about to pay when Harry snatched the money out of my hand and payed for me. I was mad. "Really Harry I wanted to pay." " Too bad i did." he smirrked. I rolled my eyes and we just watched the movies. When we were done we decided to go to Nandos. When we go there i got the medium spicy chicen and harry got the regular chicken. " I dare both of us to try thre X-treme sause. I had no problem. I grabbed it and it just poured onto my chicken, I ate it. It was no ordeal. Harrys mouth was on fire. I just laughed. Finally we managed to eat the chicken and then i orderd the bottomless frozen yougurt with harry. When harry went to wash his hands i payed the bill. " Hey hazza i payed the bill." He was enrageged. " I told you i would. " Now he was whinning. " Lets go you big baby." and with that we left and drove to his flat.


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