My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


8. Not again


I walked down the corner of the school, siked that it was the last day of school. As i turned the corner i bumped into two people making out. "Sorry I-' I was going to finish what I was saying but i was in disbelif of who I saw making out... Monica and Harry! " Its fin-" harry was about to say but then he saw me. " Ash please-" " No I dont want to hear you lies.' ' I FUC***G HATE YOU HARRY STYLES AND YOU TOO MONICA!" I screamed in their faces with tears streaming down my face. I didnt care if someone saw me crying or yelling because it didnt matter. I left school, without a care in the world.


Yes i am a jerk. I have been dating Monica behind her back. I am so stupid. Why would I do that to her. I really did and still do love her. i wanted to protect her and i failed to do so. I dont know what i was thinking and its going to be a while before she forgives me. I messed up again. i broke her heart again, not again.


I ran home. harry broke my heart again. Why me! I call Niall. " Hey niall," ' What happened my little patoe?" 'Harry was making out with Monica.. AGAIN!" 'Not again! he is an asdfghjkl!' ' I know. He is most likely going to come over to explain himself u i dont want to se him. Can you pick me up and I can stay with you forever?' 'Lol.. of course my foody buddy. Pack your stuff Ill be over in 5 minutes to finish helping you okay love?" " yes Ni Ni." In five minutes he came over. We put the stuff in the car and headed off. I checked my phone and i had at least 150 text messages from Harry and Monica. basiclly they all said sorry. Sorry is aall ya got? like you think thats going to make me say, " Oh well ts fine that you kissed my bf and you kissed my bff so i will now forgive you because you were seeing other women when you were with me tehtehteh. WELL i AM NOT that girl. ' ni ni can we eat." "sure." "NANDOS" we yell at the same time. We got there and I see that mop of durls i never wanted to see again," Hi Ash-" " Can we leave Niall?" "Sure food buddy.' ' lets go to a diffrent one I wisper.   


Heyza i hoped ou liked it. That was the drama. Love you carrots

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