My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


3. Not again


I walked down the hallways again to make sure Harry was not there. He wasnt. As you can tell this is a daily thing. And always he pops up and abuses me. Also as you can tell my signiture move is b**** slapping people.... or him. " Leave me alone Harry!" He slapped me across my cheek. It stung.    " You dont tell me what to do." He yelled. He lokked me in the eye and his jaw soften and his vein and musels werent popping out.  He just stared into my eyes lossing his grip on me. " Can I go now?" " sure." he replied with no emotion. This wasnt the first time that happened. Why is he always doing that? He looks cute wh-. No Ashley you do not like him. you cant be falling for you bully- not harry styles. Not again


Why is it that almost every time i am about to do something to her i just cant. I feel terribly sorry for bulling her. Back in middle school she was right she only kissed them on the cheek and i shouldnt have been jelous. She is too beautiful to be bullied. I have to talk to her later and soon and fast and.... Now. " Hey Ash." I told her walking into class. "Dont call me that please." She looked scared. " Sorry. Hey Ashley I am truley madly depply sorry for bullying you. You were right it was just the cheek and i had no reason to be jelous- exeot that I was only jelous becaus e i liked you and I still do." I looked at nher with sorrow in her eyes. " Pkease forgive me. I want to protect you."

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