My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


9. I dont have aname for this chapter


We went to another nados near by. He really ythinks that right away I will forgive him. Think again. " ASh let him explain himself there might be a reason." I called him and put him on speaker phone as we drove in the car. :" Explain your self Styles." " you arent really going to llike the answer but if you want the truth ill give it to you. I wsas dating Monica while I was dating you. I looked behind the car and I saw Harry in it. I jumped out the car and ran home crying. I went to the bathroom, Harry was staring into the window and right in front of him I looked at him and use the razors to cut myself. He was banging on the window and the only thing i now saw was black. 


She looked striaht into my eyes and fainted. The widwn was open a bit so i pushed it up and got in. Her body layed cold. I called the ambulance and they were on there way. I kissed her forehead and the nurses but her on the streacher. " Mr. Styles, thank gosh you were here or she might have not made it. We still dont know if she lost a lot of blood but she should be good. When she wakes up we will have her there for another day and then she can leave." the doctor told me. I rode in the ambukance with them. Finally we made it there th layed her on a bed an attached wires and tubes on her. The moniter was steady. Beep.. beep.. beep..beep..beep. She hasnt woken up yet but I hope she will. 


I fainted. i heard all the noise my eyes just couldnt get passed the darkness. Why do I love the boy... the one who drove me to death. Is it his curls? His eyes that hypnotise you? Is it is lovingness? { exept for when he was cheating on me} Finally with all my eyes might i saw light and faces and harry. " Ash you are awake. " he ran and hugged me. " Listen everything will be ok. I am truley madly deeply sorry. I love you and Monica well she is no longer on in the UK she si living with her friends in japan." I looked at him and kissed him. " I love you Harry." " Looks like someone has awoken you are Free to leave miss Pemmings. We left hand and hand. Then he started singing me a song "Am I awake am I asleep or somewhere in between or did I dream that you were here and lying next to me Or did i dream that we were perfectly intwined like branches on a tree or twigs caught in a vine. Like all those days and mnths and weeks I tried to steal a kiss and all those sleepless night where I pictured this Im just the underdog who finally got the girl and I am not ashamed to tell it to the world. Truly madly deeply i am foolishly completely falling annd some how you caved all my walls in so baby say youll always keep me truly madly crazly deeply in love with you in love with you. Should i put coffee and granola on a tray in bed and wake you up with all the words that i still havent said and tender touches just to show you how i feel Or should i act so cool like it was no big deal. Wish i could  freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this or put this day back in replay and keep reliving it cause hears the tragic truth if you dont fell tje same. my heart will fall apart if someone said your name. Truly madly deeply i am foolidhly completly falling and somehow you caved ll my walls in so baby say youll always keep me truly madly crazly deeply in love with you in love with you.I hope Im not a casuality I hope you wont get up and leave It might not mean that much to you but to me its everything. everything. Truly  madly deeply i am foolishly complety falling and somehow you caved all my walls in so baby say youll always keep me truly madly crazly deeply in love with you. in love with you in love with you in love." I giggled. " thank you Harry I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." I kissed his nose. LATER THAT NIGHT*****~~~~~~~\

"Harry" i moaned. { lettin you imagination take place}

The hext week

I have been feeling very sick and I keep throwing up. I bought a pregnancy test and the lttle plus sign was there. Fuc*. I decided that in non toxic paint i would right on my tummy, " baby Styles" I texted harry: A: come home soon i have a surprise ;)

H: be there soon;)

A: Please dont be mad at me

H never in a million years.

sOON HE CAME.  I grabbed him into the bedroom and pulled up my shirt. He read it a few times and then he stared at me and didnt say a word. " harry are you mad upset?'' " No I am happy just in shock. i cantb believe i am going to be a dad." " youll be a great dad." " Well on this note Ashely Hope pemmings will you marry me." I nodded my head and hugged him every so tightly. ": Nice touch with the baby styles think." " why thank you." i giigled . " I love you babe." " I love you too." Then he kissed my nose

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