My bully

Ashely is like most people..... Most people like her get bullied. The person she gets bullied by is Harry Styles, what happens to her later in life.


2. Are you fo real


She just Bi*** slapped me. That little asdfghjkl! Who does she thinks she is Bi*** slapping me! Well.. who am i to be bullying her. I was her only friend and now she has none. When she ran away she looked behind her and saw me there. Instead of anger there was sadness. i guess she noticed because than she stopped running and stood there for a moment. i had to act brave after what she did to me back in middle school. " Eh Ash why did you stop running? You want another kick in the shin?" She shook her head fast and ran away. Hahah. The good ol' Harry is back. Might as well get to class dont want to be late.************************************************************

The next day---- ASh

Today is the day when me and Harry were not friends anymore. This is the day were Harry makes fun of me most. I put on my Love is the answer tee and put on some shorts with my purple and black jordans. I laced them up and decided to put my hair in  a french braid. I grabbed my book bookbag and left the house. I prepared myself for the worst day of the year. I waled in and heard," hey what did you eat for breakfeast Ash? You got really round! ARE YA FATTY MCASH? OH YEAH NEVERMIND I KNOW WHAT YOU ATE. YOU MY FRIEND HAD A DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER AND AND EXTRA LARGE FRIES. ALSO A SIDE OF THIS!'' Before i knew what was coming i got kicked in the stomach. I got punchged in the face and i got kicked in the knee............. AGAIN! Before I knew what was happening I bi*** slapped the sh** out of Harry. I got up and he saw tear marks on my face. He saw a foot mark on my tee and a bruise on my knee and face. " Bye '' I sniffeld.\

Harry- What have i done!

Ash- I ran to the bathroom and washed my face. i had tear streams all down my face. Harryu is such a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dont want to be hear anymore. I know you guys are wondering about how we werent friends anymore and right know ill tell you.

flash back


" Hey harry so how do you like 8th grade? I asked nudging him. " I love it exept you are not in my classes." " maybe next time hazz. We will always spend time with each other no matter what. Your the bestest friend ever Haz!" I pecked his cheek and gave him a hug. I waled over to the Cafeteria and got my lunch. "Where is harry?" i asked myself. I walked to the table and started eating. when i was done I saw harry coming in. " Hey haz where were you." he ignored me i asked him agin. still no answer. i kept asking himand then he pushed me. " DO really want to know so bd because im pretty sure you already know.' He yelled at ,me. " Was it that you found out i was hanging out with your buddies Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn? " O well looks like ya know!" "Why are you so mad i was just with them at Starbucks.'' " You hung out with my friends without including me. What kind of   fRIEND ARE YOU! YOU EVEN KISSED ONE ON THE CHEEK WELL NOT ONE PUT ALL!!!!" Next thing i know he pulls my friend Monica and starts kissing her on the lip....... and she kisses back! " Now you now how i feel!" " I was starting to cry! I didnt even kiss gthere lip i kissed there cheek when i was leaving and what does it matter itsnot like im cheating cause im not dating anyone. Monica i wish i could say back me up here but ovi i cant! I thought you were my friend!" Monica felt ashamed. she should of! " Forget it we are done with this friendship an i ran out to tell the boys what happend.

End of flashback

So yeah it was my fault that i kissed there cheeks and thats why Harry is not my friend. Note the sarcasum


hey guys i hope you enjoyes this chapter. I really like this one. By the way if you are confused Lou Ni Li and Zayn did not go to the same school as them and she has none of their contacts and as you read her and monica are no longer friends after what had happened in the past. Please read my other storys and make sure to follow me on instargarm @onedirection_wurld.  Thanks for reading dont forget to like1


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