That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


12. Truth

Zoe Pov

It's 5am. I'm awake and ready for my training. I used to be a boxer when i was younger. It was my passion. But my parents never approved. So they told me to quit & sadly i did. But today's the day i don't care. I don't care what My mom thinks. I don't care what my dad thinks. And most importantly i don't care what Zayn thinks. I just needa let it all go. Last night i couldn't sleep at all. I thought about it a little more until i realized that i wasn't inlove with Zayn. I was inlove with the bad stuff about him it kinda reminded me about boxing my one & only true passion. Truth is i never liked all that girly fashion stuff. My mom does though. These past 2 years i'be going around as someone i never actually was. I lied to everyone. Even myself. I kinda started to believe it. But i've had enough. I can't wait to go back to boxing. I got ready. Some boy shorts & a sport bra & some other materials i had in my closet. I checked the time 5:49am. Good timing. I texted Niall.

To Niall : i quit. Take care Niall i hope to see you one day. 😏 Just know i love you and wish you the best. Your one of the greatest friends anybody could have. I'll miss you. xx Take care of the band. ❤️ Tell them i love them too. These past days i've grown to love them in there own way. Oh & btw i'm sorry if this woke you up. 😔 i'm sure it didn't 😉 Nothing wakes you up. 😂💘 See you soon. X

- Zoe xx ❤️

He didn't respond but i figured it was 5 in the morning so he probably wouldn't. I headed out the door and got into my car and drove to the Gym. Today was a new beginning. My new beginning. And this time i wasn't gonna let it slip away.

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