That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


11. Suprise gone wrong

Zoe Pov 

We arrived to Zayn's flat. We got out and he held my hand and we walked inside just to hear everyone scream. "SURPRISE!!" But, one voice stood out of all of them. Perrie. She hugged Zayn and the music started and they started dancing. It was as if i didn't exist. I was just what he used to try and get over her and never could. It'b pathetic if i said i didn't see how much he loved her. I was so so stupid. I walked outside and just broke down. What had he done to me? I knew it i shouldn't have let him in. Now i was the fool. I'm sure if he did care. He'd be worry were i am. Just then i felt a hand on my shoulder. My mind tricked me into thinking maybe it's Zayn i turned around. And reality proved me wrong. "Luke?" I had met 5sos a long time ago. We were really good friends i dated Luke. But we decided we were better off friends.

"Zoe? Oh my god! Awee. I missed you so much. So does Ashton,Michael and Calum. Oh no what's wrong?" He said while he hugged me.

"I think i love Zayn. I fell hard for him and he just used me to forget about Perrie. But never actually could." I said.

"I'm sure that's not true love. And You know i've always love you." He said smiling. I laughed.

"Let's get back to the party." He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. And that's when i saw it with my own eyes. Her lips on Zayn's lips. Just like mine had been a couple hours ago and to make it worst Perrie said the worst thing i could have ever heard in my life. They're officially back together. I walked out and went home. I got home and i started to punch the punching bag. And then i called him.

"Hey. Umm i want to fight again. " i said.

"Tommarow at 5am. On time please. Get some sleep." He said.

And with that i hung up.

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