That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


10. Nandos

Zoe Pov 

Before i got a text from Niall i was getting ready to go out with an old friend of mine. I wore a gray dress with some matching heels and a some jewelry.  Me and my friend Lucy. She picked me up and we went shopping. The dress actually isn't that short it's long. When we were in her car that's when NIall texted me to invite me to Zayn's surprise party. We decided to go eat something so we went to Nandos. We walked in and we picked out a table and we ordered. As we were waiting i saw Niall and Zayn. They didn't see  us at first but then Niall came over to me. which made Zayn turn and give me one of his cheeky smiles. I smiled back as he sat next to me and Niall next to Lucy. "Hey Guys This is Lucy an old friend of mine." I said pointing at Lucy. she just waved. 

"Hi i'm Niall." Niall said.      

"Zayn." Zayn said and waved.

Then our food arrived. and they ordered and the we had a blast and we were talking for what seemed like hours Zayn was so adorable I couldn't stop staring.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." He chuckled. I hit his arm playfully and then got a text from Niall.

From Niall - "Take him to your house get ready and then bring him to his flat."

I nodded. And asked Zayn to take me home. Since Lucy had already left.

"Sure love." He said. We walked out. And got into my car and drove home. To my house we got there and i opened the door and he grabbed me and kissed me. I didn't realize we were kissing but eventually i did and responded. "What was that for?'' I asked. "I've been wanting to do that all day." To this I smiled. "I'm taking you to your flat so we can have dinner." I laughed. "Yes sir i'm gonna go change." I said and he sat on the couch while i went to change into my party dress. 

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