That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


2. Meeting the boys

Zoe Pov

The young women in her late or mid twenties took me to the boys and as soon as they saw me they covered there ears. Ha ha probably thought i was going to fan girl. She had told me they were a boy band. Ugh. Probably self centered selfish people. Truths is i'm not a fan of any boy band except ATL,SWS,BMTTH,PTV, && 5SOS. I've actually have never heard there music and am not looking foward to it. I was just awkwardly standing there. "Uhhh Hi?, My name's Zoe."

"Im Louis." He waved.

"Im Harry." He winked.

"Im Niall." He smiled and waved.

"Im Liam." He smiled.

"Im Zayn." He smirked awkwardly.

After that awkward meeting. We sat down on some couches and started talking about eachother and how i was applying  for a job. I don't know if i'm paranoid but i noticed that Zayn was staring at me and you might ask why i know this if i wasn't staring back. well i kind of was staring at him. He was cute. ill give him that but he's not my type.

*2 hours later*

The woman i had seen earlier told me i had the job that i would only help there dresser pick out the clothes. Honestly it was whatever i didn't want this stupid job.


Zayn's Pov 

The Zoe girl was so hot damn. After she left we started discussing what we liked about her. Every one thought she was hot. Except Niall he didn't like when we'd discuss this sort of things. Weird right? always thought it would be Liam to feel that way. Anyway.So then there was four. We started to play truth or Dare. "Zayn Truth or Dare?" Harry asked.

"Dare."i said not thinking twice about it.

"I dare you to get Zoe in bed with you." Harry said.

"Easy." I said. We all laughed.

It's a win win. I'll prove these morons wrong & i'll get to see her fully naked. Damn.


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