That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


13. Lost

Niall Pov

I woke up at 7am. I got up and realized i had a long day ahead of me. I checked my phone. That's odd one message fron Zoe 2hours ago. 5am? Ha. I opened it and instantly wish i didn't.

From Zoe - i quit. Take care Niall i hope to see you one day. 😏 Just know i love you and wish you the best. Your one of the greatest friends anybody could have. I'll miss you. xx Take care of the band. ❤️ Tell them i love them too. These past days i've grown to love them in there own way. Oh & btw i'm sorry if this woke you up. 😔 i'm sure it didn't 😉 Nothing wakes you up. 😂💘 See you soon. X

- Zoe xx ❤️

I didn't realize i was crying until i noticed the tear on my phone. She just said it all in that one text message. I guess this is goodbye. I have to make this right. Without hesitation i drove to her house and knocked hard for what felt like eternity. If this was really goodbye i wanted her to say it in person.

Than it hit me. It's Zayn' s fault he played with her and i hope he's happy. It's all his fault. Ugh. Why? How could he do that to her. I sat with my back on her door. I wasn't leaving. Not yet. I wasn't leaving her. Cause i love her. As obnoxious as it sounds i love her. And i've trued and tried but these feeling won't ho away no matter what. I put my head in my hands. And cried. I wanted this to end i didn't want to feel this way. If this is what love felt like i will never love somebody again. Atleast not like her. Just then a voice interupted my thoughts.


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