That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


5. Interview

Niall Pov

We are live and the reporter just asked us if we were single or taken.

"So current relationships?"

"Single." Harry said.

"Taken." Louis said.

"Taken." Liam said.

"Single." I said.

"Single." Zayn said.

From the corner of my eye i saw Zoe. I didn't know she was going to be here. But i'm glad she came. Truth is i might just have a crush on her. I was seated in between Liam and Zayn. I saw Zayn staring at Zoe. I couldn't help but feel angry. After the breakup with Perrie he hasn't been the same. Perrie broke up with him. He was depressed the first week. And then he changed into a whole different person. He's not the same with girls anymore. He treats them as trash. It gets on my nerves. Than the interviewers voice interupted my thoughts "Are you okay Niall?

"Um. Yes just a bit hungry." I lied.

The audience laughed. Come to think of it i am a bit hungry. Soon the interview was over. We headed home we had the day off. Which ment Zoe had the day off. Ugh. I really wanted to see her beautiful face.

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