That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


6. Friends

Zayn Pov

It was 9am in the morning. I was awake but the boys were asleep. I figured they were tired i tried not to make noise. Truth is i only woke up because i got a text.

From Perrie ;

"We need to talk meet me at starbucks at 9:20am." :)

To Perrie ;


I put my phone down and started to get ready. Once i was done it was 9:05. Wow. I wrote a quick note for tthe boys.

"I'll be back later. - Zayn."

It was a 10 minute walk so i put my hood on just in case i got noticed by fans. It was 9:15 i didn't even walk in because i saw it all from the clear glass wall. Perrie was kissing another guy. I was angry. I can't describe the emotions i felt they were all over the place. I turned around and started walking the opposite direction. I walked for five minutes. And the whole time i was looking down and clenching my fists. I bumped into someone.

"Sorry." she said.

"No i'm sorry." I said. I don't know why i was crying but i was. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Not really." I looked at her.

"Zayn?" She asked.

How did she know me? Probably a fan. Then it hit me.

"Zoe?" I asked. She nodded in response. And hugged me.

"Thought you needed it." She said. I chuckled.

"So what's wrong?" She asked.

"Perrie broke up with me a week ago. And texted me to meet her at starbucks cause she wanted to "talk" to me. But i saw her kissing another guy." She had a suprised look.

"Nobody deseves that no matter how selfish and a player they are." She chucked. Which made me chuckle.

"But in all honesty if she didn't value what she had. Then you shouldn't be upset about it. She's missing out on such a great guy you are. I hope." She said. I smiled at this and asked

"What do you hope?"

"That your a great guy." She said. I chuckled.

"Trust me i am. Thanks for making me feel better." I said. She smiled.

"Anything for a -..." She stopped herself. Did she want to say friend? "Friend." I finished her sentence. "We are friends right?" She asked. "Of course. Sorry for treating you so bad. And you should now about this dare that involves you." I told her what the dare was and she said "Thanks for telling me."

"Friends?" I asked. "Friends." She said and hugged me tightly. After that we said goodbye and went our seprate ways.

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