That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


8. First kiss

Zoe pov


I arrived where Zayn had told me. And there he was standing with a dozen white roses. My favorites. He smiled at me and handed it to me. "

Thank you." I said.

"No Thank you for coming."

We sat down on the swings and just talked i liked this side of Zayn. Oh no. I think i'm falling for him. we were looking at the stars just laying there on the grass. It was quiet. Until i checked the time. 5am. shit.

"Zayn its 5am i got to go."

"Okay I'll drive you." I smiled he grabbed my hand.

It sent shocks through my whole body and i know he felt it to. He opened the door for me and i got in he drove to my house. I gave him directions of course. We got there and it was 6am. The good thing is we had today off. So i could sleep all day. We got there and Zayn opened my door.

"Thanks for everything Zayn." I said and smiled. and i was going to kiss his cheek but he moved is head and we kissed. It lasted way to long but i wouldn't mind if it was like that forever. When we broke the kiss so we could get air. I smiled. and so did he. I said bye and pecked his lips. and turned around and walked inside straight to my room and collapsed on my bed. I got a text from Zayn.


From Zayn - I had a great time :) Specially the kiss <3

To Zayn - Yeah me too. Goodnight <3 

From Zayn - Goodnight Beautiful <3 


I then closed my eyes and realized it was morning haha we said goodnight, I smiled at this. and then drifted off too sleep. 

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