That One Job Interview turned her world upside down. Read to find out but keep in mind every rose has it's thorns.


7. Date?

Zoe pov

What happened yesterday changed my whole way of thinking about Zayn. I'd never seen him cry. Even though i've only known him for a couple days. Let me re-phrase that i've never thought that Zayn was one of those guys that would cry for a girl. That's all i could think this morning. I got ready for work. My only motivation was that i was going to see Zayn. I got into the car and started driving i stopped at the red light. I felt my phone vibrate. It was a message from Niall?

From Niall ; Can't wait to see you. :)

To Niall ; Me too :)

From Niall; Than Hurry! D;

Yesterday i was hanging out with Niall after i had seen Zayn but i didn't think i should tell him. So i didn't. I like Niall but as a friend. He's the kindest person i've ever met but i can't make myself like him even if i try on the other hand Zayn is probably the biggest douche i've ever met at the begging but after you get to know him slightly better you know that he has a heart no matter how small it is. Haha. Anyways i started to continue to drive to work and when i got there i was greeted by Niall. "Heeey Zoeee!" He said.

"Hi Niall." I said.

We walked and made small conversation about my new job. And he walked me all the way to the room where the clothes were at i started picking out outfits. And the lady told me that i'd take two guys and she'd take three. She gave me Liam and Zayn. And she had Harry,Louis and Niall. I got two outfits ready for them she said they'd come in one at the time and that i had to be in the other room. So i went there.

"Zayn's up first." She said. I nodded.

This can't be that bad? Zayn walked into the room and showed him the outfit and told him to go change in the bathroom. He did as told. And when he came out i thought it looked so perfect on him. I think i was staring.

"That looks great Zayn now go change."

He went to change and came out and said "Thank you Zoe." "No problem." I said. "Uhmm.... Well i was wondering ....if you'd like to go on a date?"

"Sure Zayn. Here's my number and now go shoo shoo fly i have to work." I said.

He smirked and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me and left. The rest of the day went pretty fast Liam was so nice. I like him. Of course as a friend. I walked to my car and drove home as i was opening my room door i got a text from Zayn.

From Zayn ;

Hey ;) Meet me at the St. James park. At 12 at midnight. xx

To Zayn ;

Well that's awfully late. But okay? xx

From Zayn ;

Great :) xx

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