Ricky Dillon, My Savior

Ricky Dillon fan fic


11. Promise Ring


"Why am I in a hospital?" I ask. "You were in a coma for a month." My mom says. "What? What happened?" I asked. "You were in a car accident. Ricky was barely injured but you were in critical condition. You almost didn't make it." Katelynn says choking on her tears. I pull her into a hug. "When do I get released?" I ask. "1 week. Jc says." "Can I talk to Jada alone please?" Ricky asks. They nod their heads and leave.


"So, I was wondering if you would like to go on a proper date in a week?" I ask. Sure, where are we going?" Jada asks. "That's a surprise." I say.

*1 week later* JADA'S POV

"Just sign here and your free to go." The doctor says. I sign my name and turn around. Ricky grabs my hand. "Ready to go?" He whispers in my ear. I nod and we walk out to the car. Ricky opens my door. I smile at him and get in. He closes the door and goes to his side. He gets in the car and starts it. "When will we be there?" I ask. "In 4 hours so you may want to sleep." He says. I nod and close my eyes. "I love you." He whispers. "I love you more." I say back and drift into a deep sleep. "Jada wake up we're here." Ricky says. I open my eyes to see were in a forest. I look at Ricky. "No we're not camping." He gets out of the car and opens my door. We walk into the woods. I see skittles on the floor. I roll my eyes. We suddenly walk into this beautiful river with a waterfall. I see a little table with lights lit and spaghetti. Ricky grabs my hand and we walk over. He pulls out my chair for me. We sit down. "So, do you like it?" He asks nervous. "I love it." I say. He smiles and kisses me. I grabbed the spaghetti with my fork and so did Ricky. We had the same piece of spaghetti. That lady and the tramp kiss happened. We pulled away and smiled. "Jada?" He asks. "Yeah?" "I wanna give you this." He pulls out a ring. "It's a promise ring. That one day, I'll marry you." He says as he slips the ring on my finger. I get up and hug him. "Thank you! I love you!" I say "I love you more." He says. We pull away. I look at his dark brown eyes. I think I've fallen for Ricky and I'm completely okay with it.

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