Ricky Dillon, My Savior

Ricky Dillon fan fic




We decided it get Starbucks with Andrea and Jenn. I have a MAJOR crush on Jenn. I don't think she likes me like that though. Anyway, we head to Starbucks and get our usual and sit down. I started thinking. Should I tell her? It might ruin out friendship. But, she needs to know. "Jenn, can I talk to you, alone?" I asked. "Sure!" She says. We walk outside. "What did you need to tell me?" She asks kinda concerned. "I, uh, I really like you, Jenn." I said. She looked at me shocked. "Great, I knew she didn't feel the same." I mumbled. "That's where your wrong, Jc." She said. Then, she kissed me. I kissed back. I felt sparks the whole time. I pulled away smiling. "So, do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked. She nods and kisses me back. We stayed like this till someone rudely interrupted by yelling, "THE #JCPENNY SHIP HAS SAILED!" We pull apart and I look to see Jada and Ricky standing there. I started running after them. Jada jumped on Ricky's back and yelled, "RUN MY LITTLE HORSIE!!" They started running. I kept running after them. I finally got to them. "How much did you see of that?" I ask worrying. "Oh, just to this." Jada says and shows me a photo of me and Jenn kissing. I smiled. Then I shook my head. "You two are gonna pay." I said. I walked back to Jenn. "They're crazy." I said shaking my head. She laughed. "Yep." She said. We go back inside and finish our food.


I can't believe I'm finally dating Jc! I've liked him for a while. We go back inside and finish our food. Once we were done we walked outside. "Bye Jc!" I said. "Bye." He said give me a quick kiss on the lips. I smiled and went to the car followed by Andrea. We finally got in the car. Andrea wasn't starting it. "Spill. Now." She said. I put my hands up in the air. "Okay, okay god!" I said. She gave me a, I will kill you, look and I started. "Okay, so Jc asked if we could talk outside, I said sure. Then, his words and I quote, I, uh, really like you. He mumbled that I didn't feel the same way and I said he was wrong and kissed him. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Then we kissed again and we so rudely interrupted by Jada and Ricky." I finished off. She squealed. "I always thought you two would be a cute couple!" She squealed again. "Just drive." I said. And we drove off.

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