Ricky Dillon, My Savior

Ricky Dillon fan fic


10. Help


"I'm going to the store to get ice cream!" I yell. I hear a mumbles of okays. Ricky comes running down the stairs. "I'll come too!" He yells. We walk to the car and get in. "So, how's life?" I ask. "Good what about you." "Good." I hear screeching. I look to my left to see a car speeding towards us. I scream. The car flipped over and I had a major headache. Ricky was next to me. He looked over at me. "Babe, it hurts!" I yell. Then I blacked out.


I was watching tv with Andrea when I got a call. (K is for Kian and D is for doctor)

K: hello?

D: is this Kian Lawley best friend of Ricky Dillon?

K: yeah what's wrong?

D: Jada and Ricky got in a car crash. Ricky has some minor injuries, but Jada's in critical condition.

K: We're on our way now.

I hung up. "What's wrong?" Andrea asks. "I'll explain in the car.

ANDREA'S POV (different huh)

"Jada and Ricky got in a car accident. Ricky has minor injuries but Jada's in critical condition." Kian says. I look at him with teary eyes. "W w will they be alright?" I stutter. "Everything will be okay honey."

JADA'S POV *in a coma*

Where am I? I look around to see white everywhere. Am I dead? I see my grandma walk up to me. "Grandma?" I ask. "Honey, your not dead. But I can see that boy likes you very much. You need to give every ounce of strength you have to live." She says. "Okay." I say. She points to 2 doors. "That one will take you back. Go on love." She said as she's points to the left. I walk towards that door. *out of coma* I jolted up to see all of O2l and my parents. Of course my BFF too. "Your awake!" Ricky yells as he hugs me. "Yes, because I love you." I say. "I love you more." He replies.

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