Ricky Dillon, My Savior

Ricky Dillon fan fic


5. Connor's Future Girlfriend


We all decided to get Starbucks afterward. We drove to Starbucks and went inside. We went up to the front desk and I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "How may I help you today?" She asked. "I would like a Carmel frappe chino." I said. The boys ordered their drinks and we waited. When I got my cup, I saw it had a phone number on it. I looked back and she mouthed, "Call me." I smiled and mouthed, "Ok," back. We sat down and drank our coffee. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I ran to the car and started it up. The boys ran up to me and gave me a "what the heck" look. I just laughed. I took out my phone and texted the girl. (This is their convo. C is Connor and k is Katelynn)

C- hey it's Connor

K-the guy from Starbucks?

C-yeah, I never caught your name.

K- it's Katelynn.

C-oh that's beautiful.

K- thanks your not to bad yourself.

C- so do you wanna hang out tomorrow?

K- yeah sure how about at 6?

C- yeah okay gtg bye!

K- bya!

I stopped texting her. It's just something about her that makes my heart race. We arrived at out house in less than 5 minutes. Ricky immediately pulled me up to his room. "Dude, are you okay?" He asks. "Yeah, it's just the girl at Starbucks, Katelynn, is so beautiful." I say while starting to dose off. *connors daydream* I was in a meadow setting up a picnic. I looked around for Katelynn to arrive. We've been dating for a year now. I was gonna propose. I was so nervous! She finally arrived. She looked gorgeous. "Wow, Katelynn, you look beautiful." She blushed and looked down. "Thanks." We sat down and started eating. Then at exactly 6:30 our song, Moments, came on. I stood up and pulled her up. She looked confused. We started dancing. Once the music stopped, I got down on one knee and said, "Ever since the day I met you I knew, you were the one for me. From the time we almost got arrested to the time I "fell" in the pool. I love you and I always will. Katelynn Marie Jones, will you do me the honors of being my wife?" She started crying. She nodded and I put on the ring. I kissed her and we went home hand in hand." *end of daydream* "CONNOR!" Ricky yelled. "Yeah?" I asked. "So, you like her." I nodded and blushed. "Good, cause I know you liked Jada." He said. I looked at him in shock. "It's good now right?" I nodded and he left. What a day.

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