Ricky Dillon, My Savior

Ricky Dillon fan fic


9. Connor's Date

*time skip to when they come home*


We're finally home. I immediately called up Katelynn. She answered. "Hey, what's up?" I asked. "The sky." She replied. I laughed. "I'm ready for our date." I said. "Your back!" She asks excitedly. "Yep!" I answer. "Awesome, can you come over in an hour?" "Yeah, that's cool." "Okay, bye!" She says. "Bye." And I hung up. I started doing a mini dance when Kian walked in. "Woah, why are you so happy?" He laughed. I stop. "Uh, nothing." I reply really quickly. He chuckles and shakes his head. "It's something, spill." "Okay, I may or may not have a date with Katelynn." He sequels. "OMG really!" He asks. I nod my head. "Well, go!" He shoos me out the door. I just laugh. I grab my keys and leave *skip car ride* I knock on the door. I'm so nervous. She opened it. My mouth dropped. She looked beautiful. "H, h, hi." I stutter. "Hey." She says looking down at the ground. I smile. "Let's go." I say and walk her to the car. I open the door for her and get in my side. She giggles. *skip car ride* We finally arrive at the amusement park. "Oh. My. God." She says. I smile. "What?" "I love the amusement park!" She says jumping up and down. I grab her hand and we walk in. "So what first?" "How about the Ferris wheel!" She exclaims. I chuckle. "Sure."


I really like Connor. I've know him for YouTube but I never thought I'd meet him! And we're on a date. We run to the Ferris wheel and get in line. After a few minutes we get onto the Ferris wheel. "So how's life?" I ask. "Amazing since I'm with you." I start blushing and look to the ground. He smiles and looks me in the eye. I look back. Then I quickly look away. We get off and I grab his hand and head straight for the food. We get our food and eat it. We start to head out when it starts raining. Connor pulls me back. I looked at him confused. Then he kissed me. I kissed back. Sparks flew like there was no tomorrow. We both pulled away. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. I nod and kiss him again.

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