The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


12. Maddie's POV

Maddie's POV 11

I woke up in a hospital bed with all kinds of tubes stuck in me. I could barely feel a warmth in my left hand but it definitely was there, so I looked over to see Harry slouched in a chair asleep holding my hand. A wave of betrayal swept across my mind and I jerked me hand away moaning in pain from the sudden movement, which caused Harry to jerk awake. "Baby girl, your finally awake" he softly cooed

I groaned, "baby girl? Just save it I know what you did Harry, I know what both of you did. Mabye you should talk a little quieter when Nialls talking to me while your with that girl, what's her name? Sadie? No, caddie?" At the sound of her name a flash of guilt washed over his face. "Maddie"

"Just go Harry, your the last person I want to speak to right now" i spatted

"Please! It's not what it sounded like!"

"Just. Go. Harry!" I yelled

At that moment a nurse barged into the room and tells Harry to leave, and that he's causing me stress. Damn right he is. He leaves and the nurse checks my vitals to see if everything is ok and heads toward the exit. "Where is my phone?" "There was no phone found on you when you came, do you want me to call someone?"

"Yes, I need you to call my sister, well best friend sister, gena and tell her were I am. Please"

"Ok, anybody else?"

"No, has anybody but him came to see me?"

"A blonde headed one came with a few friends, but no not really."

Not even kali? Or Emily for that matter? I thought. "Ok, thank you"


And she left. I soon became very sleepy and I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

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