The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


10. Maddie's POV

Maddie's POV

Poor kali, I need to call Harry and see what's wrong with niall




"Oh, hi Maddie."

"Hi? Never mind that, do you know where Niall is?"

"Not here"

"Ok, do you know where he could be?"

"I don't know, call him"

"What is wrong with you? Why are you being so difficult?"

"I'm not being difficult, the next time I see niall, I'll tell him to call you alright? Bye."

"Wait, harr-"

And with that he slammed the phone down. "What just happened?" I whimpered. "Did I do something wrong?" I added. I ran towards my room and plopped on my bed sobbing into my 1D pillow, yes I have a 1D pillow. Five minuets later my phone buzzes and Nialls face is spread across my screen

"What do you want?" I quite rudely remarked

"It's me, Harry said you were looking for me?"

"Yes, I was. What happened between you and kali?"

"I just broke up with her ok? Dont ask me why, I don't really want to talk about it."

"Ok, can you come over and hang out for a while?"

"No, I'm sorry I'm busy with hazz, Mabye next ti-" "hey niall! Hurry up! Jessica is waiting for you in you room!! I'm going to go with caddie to my room, call me if you need anything, if you know what I mean!!" I heard Harry say in the background.

"What the fudge? Really niall?! It's been 12 hour since you broke up with kali and your already sleeping with other girls?! And me and Harry are still dating!! How could you!!"

"Madd, you don't understand! Pl-"

"No Niall I fully understand, I understand that you weren't the men I thought you were, forget about me and kali and go sleep with your whores." I said and slammed the phone down. I grabbed my keys, not bothering to get my phone knowing he would try to contact me, and got in my truck. How could he? I sobbed as I sped down the street basically sobbing my eyes out,coming up to an intersection not bothering to slow down, I looked over to my right seeing a pair of headlights colliding into my driver side. Suddenly everything went black...

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