The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


7. Maddie's POV

Maddie's POV

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. Freaking. God.

Niall and Kali. Kissing. OH MY GOD!!

"Oh my god!!" I squealed

Just when they pulled apart

"I totally ship it!!!" I said

Kali blushed and looked away and niall blushed also

"Nialls found his princess" Harry said

"Yeah, mate, I think I have." Niall said while gazing into Kali's eyes

"Aww!!" I jumped up and down and Harry chuckled beside me

"Your so cute" he smiled

"Shut up" I nudged his arm

"Hey! Stop being all flirty!" Niall shouted

"Ok googly eyes!" I winked

"Hey!" He pouted

"Haha" I laughed

"Hey niall quick question, do you have your car?" Harry asked

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh no reason"

Harry turned to me and leaned in and whispered "do you want to go back to my place or?"

"Umm actually I need to go back home and watch my dog while my parents are out. um do you want to go with me and watch movies or something?"

"Yeah I like that plan better" he smirked

I smiled and walked over to kali

"Hey I think me and Harry are going to my place, do you need anything?" I asked

"No I think I'm ok, you go have fun"

"Ok you too" I winked



"Oh and niall, if you hurt her I break that pretty like face of yours and you won't even have your eyebrows to wriggle" I warned him

"O-Ok w-warning received" he put his hands up in surrender

I smirked "Umhm"

"Let's go before your hurt niall" Harry joked

"Ok bye niall" I said


Harry chuckled to him self and opened my door, I thanked him and got in.

He jogged to his side and started the car.

(Skip car ride)

We pulled in to my drive way and got out, and walked to the door. He knocked 4 times and stepped back. The door opens and my dad came into view, I got nervous really quickly and started shaking. Harry gripped my hand, reassuring me that it was going to be okay. My dad steppe out and glared at Harry's and my hand together.

"Hi dad"


Harry stuck his had out for a shake

"Hello sir, I'm Harry" he said

"Ryan" my dad said shaking his hand

"Are you dating my daughter?"

"Yes sir, she's lovely and I really care for her"

"We'll treat her right and you and me will have no problems" My dad said

"Yes sir"

I smiled and walked into the house

"Harry!" My mom said

"Hello mrs. Coomes!"

"Oh please call me Amy!"

"Amy" he corrected him self

"Please come in"

We walked into the the living room and sat down next to each other and my dad walked in and sat down.

"Madielyn!!" My mom yelled

"Coming!" I said and leaned over to Harry, "I'll be right back" a flash of worry went over his eyes and I smiled "don't worry he's not as bad as he seems " I said

"Ok, but hurry" he said I nodded and walked to my mother


"We are about to leave, here are some cash and other things. Me and daddy will be Back by 10. Ok?"

"Ok mom just have fun!" I said

"You too but not too much fun"


She laughed and left

I walked back to Harry and sat down by him again.

My dad had got up and was putting his shoes on just when my mom came to the door. "Bye guys!" My mom said and with that they left.

"What movie do you want to watch?" I asked

"How about 'Now You See Me'?" "Ok"

I put it in and grabbed some blankets and pillows and threw them on the floor

(After movie)

"Ugh" I moaned while stretching

"I better be heading back"

"Yeah" I said while leaning in to kiss him.

We kissed , ahem made-out, for 5 minuets then pulled away breathless. I smiled and got up, with him smacking my butt in the process

"Harry!" I said while playfully slapping his arm

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in for a kiss, which I quickly granted . After about 5 more minuets of this I pulled away and walked to the door with Harry following. "Bye babe, see you tomorrow"

"Bye babe, I'll text you later" he said with a goodbye kiss them left. I shut the door and slid down it on my back. Resting on the floor

"Wow, how did I end up with a guy as great as him?" I thought

Just then I got a text

From: Hazza bear<3

Have a good night babe, I'll text you tomorrow<3

From: Maddie

You too babe, love you<3

And with that I plopped in bed and drifted into a deep sleep about my Harry.

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