The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


3. Maddie's POV

Maddie's POV

I woke up at 7:00 and took a shower and washed my face. I was currently at my house because it was a school night. After the shower I hopped out and put my hair in a towel. I padded across the hall to my room,shut the door and stuck my phone on the speaker with One Direction playing. One Thing came on and I started dancing since this was like my all time favourite song besides Teenage Dirtbag. I grabbed some shorts and stuffed them into my duffle bag for track, before padding back to the bath room and put some powder and mascara on. I grabbed my phone and DM'ed Harry on twitter asking "what time is our date?"

"Is a lunch date fine with you?:)" he replied

"Sure I'll tell kali, bye!" I responded

After telling kali about the lunch date I glanced at the clock on my phone, 10:30 it read I have plenty of time I thought to myself

I walked over to my closet and eyed my clothing. I eventually grabbed some jean shorts, my nikes and a Texas tech shirt. I plugged in my straightener and checked Instagram and twitter. "Ugh nothing very exciting on my time line so far" I said

My straightener beeped telling me that it was ready, and so I started straightening my hair. After about 20 minuets I grabbed my keys and drove to Kali's.

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