The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


9. Kali's POV

Kali's POV 8

'Where is he?' I thought. Niall hasn't called me in two days. TWO DAYS! Ugh I don't want to be the clingy girlfriend but this isn't like him. He used to text me everyday, but now it seems like he's ignoring me. Ever since he got a call after we left the restaurant he's been acting weird. God I'm overreacting, he's probably just busy. I need some friend time, so I grabbed my keys, phone, texted Maddie and headed to Starbucks.

(At Starbucks)

"Hey kali!" Maddie said excitedly but as soon as she saw my worried face her smile dropped.

"What's wrong?" She asked. "Niall." I glumly said "oh no, what did he do?" "It's not what he did, it's what he didn't do"

"Ok, what DIDNT he do?" "He hasn't called, texted, or even e-mailed me in two days." "He's probably just busy, you know what being in a world famous boy band is like" she assured me. "Yeah, I know I'm just worried, that's all" I said. " you want me to call Harry and see if Nialls there?" "Are you sure?" "Yes of course!" "Okay" she dialled his number and put it on speaker, but it went strait to voicemail. "Huh, well that's odd, he usually picks up after the third ring." She said as a flash of worry went over her eyes as well. "We need to call Emily." She said. "Emily? Why?" "Didn't she start dating Liam?" "Yeah but she's probably dealing with the same thing as us!" I said. "Let's just call her!" She said dialling Em's number. "Hello?" Her voice rang through the phone "Em! Hey it's kali and Maddie, have you talked to the boys lately by any chance?" "No not for a couple days, have you?" "No" we both said. "What do you thinks going on?" She asked. "I have no idea, meet is at Starbucks" "ok, bye" "bye"

About five minuets later Emily pulled up and walked to our table and sat down. "So, what's going on with the boys?" Emily asked.

"we don't know, Nialls not doing anything to call me and Harry's phone went strait to voicemail. You haven't seen Liam in two days! What's happening?" Kali said. "I don't know either. But let's not overreact, ok" Emily said "ok" we both said

(Later that day)

*ring*....*ring*....*rin- "hello?"I asked "hey, it's me" an Irish voice rang "Niall! I've been worried about you! Why haven't you called me?" I asked "kali...we...w-we can't be together anymore." "W-Why? D-don't you love me?" "Yes of course, it's just...we cant alright!" He said then hung up slamming the phone down. I picked up my phone and called Maddie "hey kali" "Maddie, I think niall just broke up with me" "what? Why?!" "I don't know!" "I'm so sorry kali!" "I don't know what to do anymore!" "Just calm down and I will talk, or at least try to talk to Harry. Ok?" "Ok" and with that I hung up and snuggled up on the couch with my dog moose at my feet.

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