The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


2. Kali's POV

Kali's POV

I woke up at 7:30 and padded over to the bathroom, I turned the shower on and walked back towards my room and grabbed my phone. Just as I had grabbed my phone Maddie texted me. "Hey it's a lunch date so nothing fancy, and be ready by noon!!" It said

"ok I'm just going to wear my nikes clothes"

"Okie dokie!!" She replied

I put my phone in the stereo and turned One Direction on. Midnight Memories came on and I instantly started singing. I love to sing and people always say I have a great voice, I was going to addition for X-Factor but then it got canceled so that idea went down the drain. I stepped into the shower and washed my hair and face. I turned off the shower knob and wrapped my hair in a towel. I grabbed the make-up and just put some light powder on, after I straightened my hair. I went to my closet and grabbed my nikes shorts, air nikes, and my nikes shirt, hey don't judge me I'm feeling sporty! After I grabbed my phone and waited for Maddie to meet me at my house.

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