The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


4. Harry's POV

Harry's POV

"Harry get up we have an interview to go to" Paul said shaking me

"Ugh 5 more minuets mum!" I said

"Harry get your arse up or no double date with the .girls and niall"

With that I bolted up out of my bunk and headed strait for the toilet. Once I got in there I took a shower and washed my hair and face, when I was done I turned the knob and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped the towel around my waist and rubbed a towel on my hair trying to get some of the wetness out. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth out with some Listerine.

I strutted towards my bunk and got out some black skinny jeans, my brown boots and a white v-line tank. Right after I put my jeans on Maddie DM'ed me on twitter. "What time Is our date?" It read

"Is a lunch date fine with you?" I asked

"Sure I tell kali, bye!!" She responded

I really liked Maddie and at lunch I'm going to learn more about her so later I can take her on a date and ask her to be my girlfriend, usually I'll have one-night stands but Maddie was different. She was independent and had something feisty in her, which I liked. She had beautifully long hair that was so soft and her smile, oh that smile, it was so beautiful. I wanted to be the reason behind it, and soon enough I think I will. I finished putting on my clothes and fixed my hair, sweeping it to the left with my hand. I picked up my Car keys and phone and walked out side to my range rover. "I'll pick you up at 1:30 if that's ok with you" I texted Maddie

"Yeah that's fine, see you then!"

She responded

And with that I drove off to meet her at Kali's.

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