Lyrics to my Favorite Songs

I own none of these songs. None are in order and I might or might not know the original writers XP Enjoy!


2. K2G Parody From Disney_time_andrea13

I'm a fan girl, love DC Nation, Marvel, Jelsa, Jack Frost, and way more. But are they real?

All my life I believed they were real things. But guess what? I was wrong the whole time!

But I dream that they're real. Will you come and listen now?

I see them at times. Robin, Wally, yeah. I will go to the land if dreams.

I run into Robin's arms. We run to Candyland and we eat. Then with Jack. Jack Frost in fact. This is great!!

Then I go running with Wally West. We run together with Uncle Barry. This is the best day if my life!!!!!

I'll just stay in this dream. Forever with everybody. Everyone's friends with me. Forever now!

Now back to reality. Hard and dramatic. Please now, I need dreams. Dreams to take me off all of these pains. Oh Robin, take me in your arms. I'm yours!

I know I'm crazy when it comes to these things. But no one can stop me from having sweet dreams.

Oh, I'm undefeatable when I am dreaming dreams. No one can stop me from what I believe!!

A/N:I just wanna say that this was really good! I mean,not only was the song itself pretty good,but also the fact that these lyrics kind of matched the original translated ones and how it matches me XD so yeah...shoutout to disney_time_andrea13 who made this :)

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