London Lovers

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Well for these two friends it was London. Aimee and Jordan have been friends since the age of 5 and in year 8 they planned that after school they were going to take a well deserved gap year. However,during the last year of high school:secrets were made and promises broken as they realised;going to London was a given. But what will happen when their plan to escape is changed by the two boys who showed them around their getaway of London.
As their friendship gets put to the ultimate test these girls are going to find out that no matter where you go your past alway has a way of finding you agian.



"Jordan were lost just admit it".

"No we aren't lost Aimee its called taking the long way thats all". She looked over at me to give one of her I'm not stupid looks.

"Bullshit! we are going around in circles and you bloody know it. "Look" (i stopped and pointed) correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we pass that gift shop 5 minutes ago ".

Jordan looked over at the store in front of us it was called Wendy's precious little gifts. It was a nice looking store with its big red and white roses in coloured pots placed on the floor surrounding the shop and brown teddy bears that were bigger then me with the words welcome home or i will miss you in big cursive on their round bellies sitting on big blue shelves. Jordan looked back at me and sighed loudly.

"Ok fine i give up your right this is the same gift shop we passed earlier because i have no clue how to get out of here this place is a freaking maze every turn looks exactly the same" Jordan said in a frustrated tone.

" Well maybe its time to try plan B then". "

"We have a plan B"?.

"Well it was actually supposed to be plan A but being you and not wanting to listen to me i had to changed the name so now it is called plan B."

"How very creative you are aimee." Jordan said with a grim smile. "Ok what is plan B then".

"Well i don't know Jordan this does sound crazy but we could try asking someone for help". I said in a sarcastic tone.

Jordan gave me look like she was very close to killing me."Go on then ask someone".

"WHAT ME!"?.

"Yes you correct me if I'm wrong but plan B was your idea".Go on Aimee" she waved me off with her hands. "I'm not getting any younger here".

I looked around and sighed. "Fine then i will do it".


I started walking around trying to grab peoples attention but every time i approached someone to ask for directions they would either ignore me or they would start walking the other way its was like they had never seen Australians asking for directions before. After an hour of this i was about to give up on plan B but I knew this was our last option so i looked around the packed airport until i set my eyes on an small old women with short white hair spiked a bit at the top with a long floral dress and big black brimmed glasses hanging from a chain around her neck. I thought surely this old lady wouldn't run off on me. So i slowly walked up to her not wanting to scare her off .

"Hello". I waved in front of her face so she could see me.

"Hello". She said in a low pitched voice." I was just wondering if you could point me in the direction of where the exit is. Me and my friend are sort of well...lost".

" Well to tell you the truth dear I'm not quit sure myself this place can get very confusing at times."

Tell me about it, I thought to myself.

"Tell you what my grandson is here with me somewhere and he knows how to find his way around better then i can so when he comes back maybe he could help you". A huge smile started to appear on my face.

"That would be great let me just go get my friend".


I maneuvered my way back through the airport to where i had left jordan. When i got closer i saw her lying in the middle of the walk way while people were trying to walk around her but after awhile we're just deciding to walk over her.

"Jordan get off the floor cant you see your in the way". She held out a hand.

" Can you please help me". I grabbed her out stretched hand and yanked her up.

"Shit Aimee what are you trying to do pull my arm off or something".

" I was thinking about it". I said in a jokingly way.

"Where have you been i was starting to think you left without me".

" I've been walking around trying to get directions".

"Is that what you've been doing for the last (She pulled out her phone and looked at the time) an Hour!". She yelled attracting everyones attention that were around us.

" Do you know how rude some of these people are around here". "No but i bet your going to tell me".

"No actually I'm not. All I'm going to say is that i found someone that is going to show us the way out of this place".

"Who?". I stood there for a couple for seconds trying to think back to the conversation. "

"Im not quit sure of the name some old lady's grandson".

"Well what are we waiting for lets go". Jordan said as she grabbed my arm.


"So where did you say this old lady was".

"She's right....". I pointed to where i had been talking to her.

"Where are you pointing". Jordan asked behind me trying to peer over my shoulder.

"Ummm." I turned my head so i was facing her." "Do you want the bad news or the bad news."

"Aims please don't tell me."

"She's gone".

"What the hell do you mean she's gone".

"I don't get it she was standing right here a minute ago."

" well isn't this great. We have only been in London for what an 2 hours and all ready we have lost our selfs in the airport, i'm starving to death and to top it all off now you are seeing little old lady's. I don't know about you but I am loving London right about now".

"Calm down okey she can't have gone to far".

"Thats if she was ever here in the first place."

"Jordan I'm not seeing things she was here, now do you want to help me find her or are you going to just stand there.

"Well option 2 does sound great but the look on your face is telling the inner me to pick option 1."

"Good choice jordii, exactly what i was thinking".


"Aimee may i ask how long were going to keep looking for this old lady?" She asked while using me has her personal leaning post. "You never know she might have left already or better yet she escaped from an old peoples home and found herself wandering around the airport and the reason we cant find her is because the nursing staff found her and now she is safely back in the home sipping tea ." Jordan finished with a smile.


"Yes Aimee". "I'm just going to pretend your not here because i really don't have the engery to argue with you right now."

"Ok what ever floats your boat, but do you know what I'm going to do?"

"No Jordan please tell me what are you going to do?"

"Im going to sit down cause my feet are killing me." And with that Jordan walked across the room and sat on the nearest bench she could find

"Come on Aims come sit down." She shouted to me while she patted the free seat beside her. With a sigh i gave in and walked over to where Jordan was and sat next to her only now realising how tired i really was.

"So what now?" Jordan looked to me for another brilliant idea.

"I don't know Jordan. What do you think we should do?" I looked over at Jordan waiting for her to say something but we were both interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Aimee.. Jordan what are you two still doing here? Liam said looking surprised see us still here.

"Liam fancy bumping into you again." Jordan said with a distinct flirty ness in her tone.

"Yeah well i sort of lost my grandma. And I've been looking for her this whole time."

"You lost your grandma. How did you lose her?" I couldn't help but smile.

"I needed to go to the toilet so i asked her to wait for me and then the next i come out and she's gone an... WAIT THERE SHE IS." Liam yelled as he ran off leaving two very confused girls behind. A couple seconds later Liam reappeared but he wasn't alone, with him was a very familiar little old lady.

"Girls i would like you to meet my grandma,Elizabeth and grandma this is Aimee and Jordan they just flew over here from Australia.

"Wait i recognise you, your that lovey young girl that asked me for directions."

"Yes that was me." Still stunned the that the little old lady i was looking for was in fact Liam's grandma.

"Directions?" Liam looked confused.

"Yeah its a little embarrassing but me and Jordan are lost and we don't know how to get out of here."

"Dont worry this place can get very confusing if you don't live here but if you want i can give you girls a lift and take you to where you need to go."

"Liam." Jordan said nearly jumping into his arms then and there. "I have one word for you 'life saver'."

"Ok well if you girls are ready lets go."

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