London Lovers

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Well for these two friends it was London. Aimee and Jordan have been friends since the age of 5 and in year 8 they planned that after school they were going to take a well deserved gap year. However,during the last year of high school:secrets were made and promises broken as they realised;going to London was a given. But what will happen when their plan to escape is changed by the two boys who showed them around their getaway of London.
As their friendship gets put to the ultimate test these girls are going to find out that no matter where you go your past alway has a way of finding you agian.



"Come on, Aimee, hurry up! I need to get something to eat before I pass out on the floor and make a scene in front of all these people; and don't think I wont. Because you know I will and I wont regret one thing".

When Jordan looked over her shoulder to make sure I was still there, she could see I had no sympathy for her, whatsoever. But she did notice I had a huge smile on my face and that I tried to not burst out laughing. 
"Aimee..!" She whined. "I don't see how this is funny. We have been stuck on that plane for hours - with no decent food to eat, except for bagged peanuts. And I really don't like BAGGED PEANUTS!" "Do they not know that we are still growing girls? We need food; not a fucking sample of it!"

"Oh no, you poor thing how did you make it through that traumatic experience in one piece." I joked.

"Haha, you're so funny it hurts. Wait!" She stopped without warning and i walked straight  into her.

"Ouch!" I yelped. "Far out Jordan."

"Aimee i have an idea  how 'bout you go find us somewhere to sit around this joint." She waved her hand around the small waiting area of the airport, "and I will go get us something to eat from the food court/place/thing."

"NO!" I yelled. "Jordan, have you seen the line ups? And anyway, I am getting really tired. I have been on that plane for 8 hours straight, you know. Lets just get out of this place and go to the hotel and check..." Before I could say anymore, Jordan was making her way through the packed airport until she disappeared into the crowd of people. "She never listens," I thought out loud; but not loud enough for those around me to hear.


I looked around and sighed. It was going to be next to impossible to find a seat around this place. I had never seen so many people crammed into such a small area before. I started to make my way through the tiny space (trying to avoid as many creeps as possible). The waiting area was a lot different to the one we had back home, the carpet was blue and black spotted here a there with what looked like silver stars,the walls had a dirty white to them which i thought suited the space it made it feel a little bigger if that was possible and as i looked around i saw that one of the walls was made completely of windows that looked out over the landscape of London. After 10 minutes of looking around for somewhere to sit, I finally spotted two free seats right at the back of the airport. I basically jumped over people to get to them before anyone else even tried to plunk their asses on them.
As I sat down, I scanned the airport for Jordan but she was nowhere to be seen. Which meant she probably wouldn't be back any time soon. So, I grabbed my iPhone 5 out of my handbag and looked at the time: just after 1:30pm. I went to my music and scrolled through the long list, until I came to one of my favorite songs. It was i see fire by Ed Sheeran. It was really slow and it started to put me to sleep. As I started to sag into my seat and drift away, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around,half expecting to see Jordan with her hands full of food, but instead I saw a tall, handsome guy with brown eyes and short brown hair with just the right amount of short stubble lining his cheek bones and following along the path of jaw line looking down at me smiling sweetly.
"Hello love do you mind if I sit here? It seems all the other seats are taken." He asked politely.

"Uh, no. Its okay. Let me just move my bags for you." As I started to remove the bags from the seat, I saw his face turn into quite a thankful expression. 

"Thank you, so much." I nodded in acknowledgement, staring down at the bags on the floor, for I knew he was looking at me and it was making me a little nervous.

"Uh.." I looked up at him, and saw he seemed a little shy himself. "Im Liam." He said, holding his hand out for me to shake.

"Aimee," I replied, taking his hand in mine for a quick shake.

"Nice to meet you Aimee." He sat down in the seat beside me and looked over at me until i looked back at him then he quickly looked down at his shoes in a shy way and stayed quiet. After awhile the silence was starting to get a little uncomfortable and when i took another look at him i could see he was a little uncomfortable too. I was about to say something  but he quickly got in before me. "I don't mean to be nosey but are you here by yourself". 

I looked at him wondering  how much  i should tell him but then again he didn't look like someone who would kidnap me take me to the middle of nowhere and kill me not with all these witness around so i snapped out of it and simply  said "No I'm here with my friend Jordan she just went to get us something to eat".

" I didn't take her seat did I". He looked up and smiled at me."

Nah it's fine if she ever comes back she can just sit on the floor I really don't think she would mind" I giggled and smiled back. 

"So what are you doing at the airport today Liam"? I asked curiously. 

" Im waiting for my grandma she's been in Germany for the past 2 months". 

"Me and Jordan are german". 

"Do you guys live in Germany"?. 


"So where do you and your friend live than"?. 

"Me and Jordan live in Adelaide". 


"Yeah the reason were here is because in year 8 we planned to go on this crazy gap year thing when we finished high school and we both really wanted to see London  so here we are". 

"So you guys haven't been here before"?. 


Well if you like I could show you guys round you know show you guys all the cool sites". 

"Yeah that would be fun".

"Yeah ok how bout you give me your number and I'll ring you sometime tomorrow and we can all meet up somewhere and do something together and I'll even bring my good friend Niall. You know you might actually like him at first he can seem shy but once he starts talking you can never shut him up unless you give him food, then you wont even realise he's there." 

I was just about to ask Liam more about his friend but before i could get anything out i saw jordan in the conner of my eye with her long brown hair tied back in a loose pony tail and from what I could see she didn't look happy.

"Let's get out of this place Aimee you were right the line ups are crazy and the food cost nearly as much as our plane tickets ill just get something at the........ Wait who's he".

" Uh Jordan this is Liam and Liam this is my friend Jordan shes usually nicer its just that she hasn't had anything to eat all day and i think the jet lag is setting in". 

" Hi Jordan" Liam said as he gave her a friendly wave. 

" Liam is going to show us around tomorrow you know make sure we don't get lost". 

"Yeah Ok that sounds like fun. Aimee i don't want to be annoying or anything but can we go now I'm still dying of hunger here remember". 

"We better go or i will never hear the end of this so i guess I'll  see you tomorrow". 

" It was really good to meet you Liam".


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