Little white lies (jack gilinsky story)

A girl, Danielle, just stared college when a boy falls for her from day one. She lies about her whole life just so she could fit in and for him to like her better. What happens when he finds out the truth about her? Read to find out(:


1. introduction


Hi. My name is Danielle. I wanna tell you a little about myself. Well first off I'm 18 years old. I live in an apartment with my mom, dad, and two brothers. My best friend is Julie, who lives in the apartment above of me. Me and my family are so different than everyone else because we're sorta of poor. My dad is he doorman of the apartment, which means he has to collect everyone's garbage, clean the inside and outside of the apartment, and make sure everyone's needs are fulfilled. My mom on the other hand is a cleaning lady. She cleans everyone's apartments and cleans a couple houses out of the area. That's technically how we make the few dollars we earn everyday. Last thing I wanna share with you guys is that me and my best friend Julie applied for the same college a couple months ago, which means our letters of acceptance or rejection is going to come in any day! Wish us luck!

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