Little white lies (jack gilinsky story)

A girl, Danielle, just stared college when a boy falls for her from day one. She lies about her whole life just so she could fit in and for him to like her better. What happens when he finds out the truth about her? Read to find out(:


3. ch 2


*beep beep* rang my alarm clock. I woke up with the biggest smile on my face, knowing that I'm about to go to a new school and knowing that I will be meeting tons of new people. Once I opened my closet, everything changed. I remembered that I had no nice clothes. All I had was a couple of t-shirts, a few baggy pants, and one pair of ripped shoes. I sat on my bed not knowing what to do, until I saw a big bag with a note attached to it near my door. I opened the letter and it read,

To: Danielle

I'm sorry for everything that happened yesterday. I truly am happy for you. I wish you good luck on your first day. Oh and to show you how sorry I am, I'm giving you some of my clothing that I really don't wear anymore so you can start a good fashion trend at college! Good luck.

Love: Julie

I went through the clothing one by one, and man, they were gorgeous. I can't believe Julie would do this.

I decided to wear a floral pencil skirt with a white ruffled tank top. There was one problem though. I couldn't let my dad see what I was wearing, because he is so strict with thins kind of stuff. So I decided to wear a sweater and jeans on top of my outfit. When I finished getting ready, I opened the door to my room, and a delicious aroma hit me. The table was filled with eggs, bacon, hummus, cheese, etc. My family and I all sat down to eat. "Are you excited for today?" asked my mom. "Very," I said stuffing my face. "What's happening today?" my dad and brother ask. "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys, I got accepted to Stanford, and today's my first day," I said excitedly. "How do you expect to pay for this?" asked my dad. "I got a scholarship, so it came out to be free tuition." "How come you never told me until now?" he asked. "I forgot." "Yeah sure you did. You know what, I don't want you to go. I don't feel comfortable for you to go to school and hour away. If you want, there's a school like 20 minutes from here, you can go there," he said. I got so mad. "NO! I worked so hard to get into this college, I don't care what you say I'm still gonna go!" "Go to your room right now. I don't want to see your face," he yelled. I got up and stormed to my room. Tear we're streaming down my face. I could hear my mom and dad talking from outside my room. "Come on, just let her go," my mom said. "No, I don't want her far from home," said my dad. "Fine, just let her go for one day, and if nothing happens let her go back, but if so me thing does happen then she won't go back," my mom said. "Whatever." *knock knock* the door opens and my mom walks in. "I talked to your dad and he said you can go for today," my mom said. "Thank you so much!" I said hugging her. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I walked to the nearest bus stop and got on the bus. Just as my dad said it took an hour to get there. As I got out of the bus, I just stood there in aw. The school was soo big. I've never seen a school this big. Some girl saw me staring, so she came up to me laughing. "Haha. I'm guessing this is your first year here?" she asked. "Yeah." "Me too," she said. "By the way, I'm Jessica." "I'm Danielle." We both looked at our schedules, realizing that we had almost all the same classes. "Do you wanna walk to class with me?" She asked. "Sure." I guess college isn't as scary as I thought. I already made my first friend. I hope it stays this easy.

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