Little white lies (jack gilinsky story)

A girl, Danielle, just stared college when a boy falls for her from day one. She lies about her whole life just so she could fit in and for him to like her better. What happens when he finds out the truth about her? Read to find out(:


2. ch 1

Ch. 1

"Danielle, there's a letter for you in the mail," my brother Mike says handing me the letter. The envelope reads, STANFORD UNIVERSITY. The feeling of curiosity and nervousness hit me. I didn't want to open the letter alone, so I ran upstairs to Julie's apartment. I found her in her room staring at the envelope. "So I guess your nervous too huh?" I asked making her jump, not realizing I was there. "Yeah I'm so scared. I would do anything just to get accepted." She said. "Okay then, let's open them together. Ready. One. Two. Three." We both opened it and read the letter as fast as we could. A sigh of relief hit me as I finished reading it. "YESSS!" I yelled. "I made it!!" "Oh..good for you. I'm so happy for you," Julie said sighing. "What's wrong? You didn't make it?" I asked. "No. Now if everyone finds out, my reputation is going to be ruined. "No don't worry about it, you'll find a better college to go to," I said trying to comfort her.

The door flew open, making both of us jump. "What's all this ruckus?" Yelled Julie's stepmom, Sara. "Oh..nothing." said Julie. We both saw Sara's eyes glued to the letters. "What's this?" she asked. "Oh these are our college letters. Danielle got accepted!" Julie said. "Congrats. How about you?" Sara said. "Oh you know, there's a bunch of other colleges out there and....." Julie didn't get to finish her sentence. "WHAT?! You didn't make it?" Sara screamed. "How could you let the doorman's daughter beat you in this?" My eyes started to burn and tears were running down my face. "Sara stop," Julie said. She tried to hug and comfort me but I couldn't take it anymore. I ran out of her room and back downstairs to my apartment. As I opened the door, my mom stood there looking at me. "What's wrong honey?" She asked. "Nothing." I gave her the letter and went to my room. A few minutes later she comes in. "You know I can't read this Danielle, do you mind reading it for me and telling me what's wrong. "This is my college letter. I got accepted and I'm soo happy, but when Sara found out I got accepted and not Julie.." I couldn't finish. I broke down in tears again, but I knew my mom understood. "It's okay. Who cares what other people think, as long as you got accepted and you are happy, that's all that matters.

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