I Just Want To Run

10% luck, 20% skill,15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, and 50% pain,100% reason to remember the name.


22. Ending!

Hey guys! This isn't really an ending, just an update-ending thing.

So I've just been too lazy to update so I'm really sorry about that!

I think that I'm gonna end this. I don't feel like it's really going anywhere, and I don't really want to write it anymore. I think I'm gonna take a break from writing (I'll be back!) and when I get back on I'll write a MAGCON fanfic!

If you don't know what MAGCON is, it's like a meet-and-greet. This year it's Viners, and it's Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier (Hayes tags along too), Carter Reynolds (Mr. Carter on vine), Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson (Jack and Jack), Aaron Carpenter, and Taylor Caniff. :)

So yeah! Sorry guys, but follow me on YouTube and twitter! :)

I love you guys a lot and I can't thank you guys enough for all your support with this and ily guys so much :)

And with the ending, make it up yourself. Who do you think was on the other end of the phone? What do you think happens? ;)

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