I Just Want To Run

10% luck, 20% skill,15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, and 50% pain,100% reason to remember the name.


6. Chapter 6

- Delilah's POV -

Liam brought Ni and I to his backyard and we all got on his trampoline. We bounced for what seemed like forever, and I laid down on the trampoline. Of course, Niall, being the jerk he is, was bouncing me all around while I was laying on the trampoline. What a great friend...

But when he laughed, it was so cute... and his eyes were so perfect... Wait, what are you doing Delilah? He's your best friend...

- Niall's POV -

Del laid on the trampoline, and I decided to be a jerk and bounce her around.

But she was so cute, she was having so much fun, and her laugh was so cute... Niall, what are you doing? She's your best friend. She probably doesn't like you back.

- Delilah's POV -

It was getting late, so Ni and I headed home.

"Hey Niiii?" I asked sweetly.

"What is it Del..." Ni asked.

"Can you carry me home? Pretty please with cherries on top?" I begged.

"Fine. Hop on..." Ni said, and I jumped on his back.

"Hey Ni?" I asked.

"Yep?" He answered,

"Who do you think would be a good boyfriend? I mean, like that you would let me date, too." I asked, resting my head on his shoulder.

He muttered something I couldn't really hear, but it was something like "myself", but I don't know. I may be hearing things...

{Authors Note}

Hey guys! I hope you're liking this :)

Sorry for the short chapter, but it's like, 1:30 AM so I'm tired. Plus, I've been writing all night. But I'll update tomorrow, I promise!

Good morning/afternoon/night, depending on where you are :)

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