I Just Want To Run

10% luck, 20% skill,15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, and 50% pain,100% reason to remember the name.


4. Chapter 4

- Delilah's POV -

Ah, Monday morning. How lovely.

Niall stayed over at my house last night, so I shook him to wake him up.

"What..." Niall mumbled, still pretty much asleep.

"Get up dweeb, we have school." I said.

"Nooo." he said, tiredly.

"Get up Ni." I said, and with that, I pushed him off the bed.

Niall jumped up, kind of alarmed.

"What the fuck was that Del?!" Niall asked, now fully awake.

"You weren't getting up, now get dressed." I said, walking over to my closet.

I put on dark denim shorts, black converse, and a short sleeve t-shirt that says "Teenage Runaway" on it.

Niall went to his house and got ready. We then headed to school together, as usual. We walked inside, and everyone started tormenting me. Every single fucking day I have to deal with this, my god when will this stop...

"Del, c'mon don't let them get to you." Niall said.

I'm so glad for Niall to be with me, I can't even explain it. I gripped Ni's hand, and walked to my locker. We both grabbed our books, and went to Geography. I sat with Niall, as usual. We were early, so everyone was chattering and walking around.

"Well, well, well. This is too easy."

Luke Hemmings.

Luke bullies me, more than anyone else. He has almost every class with Niall and I, which sucks...

Luke shoved me out of my chair and onto the floor. As if that wasn't bad enough, he shoved all my books off my desk and they each hit me in the head, and ended up sprawled all over the floor.

Everyone laughed, as usual. I picked up my books, and sat back down.

"Luke, stop being such an arse!" Niall yelled.

"Oh I'm so scared, Mr. Tough guy." Luke said sarcastically, walking back to his desk, next to Juliet, his girlfriend. She made a "L" with her right hand on her forehead.

Juliet is such a bitch sometimes... most times...

Class dragged by, but eventually we were released to go to lunch. We went back to out table. I had been crying (maybe or maybe not because of Luke...), so my eyes were red. Luke is just so... mean! I rested my head on Ni's shoulder. It's just comforting to have Niall close.

After we sat down, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry joined us.

"Hey guys! What's..." Liam trailed off.

"Hey, Delilah, are you okay? What happened? Do I need to beat someone up for you?" Louis asked.

"N-nothing..." I sniffled.

I really didn't want to explain this to them right now...

"Come on Delilah. Something happened." Zayn prodded.

I sighed.

"L-Luke. He shoved me out of my desk, and... and... pushed my books on-on top of me..." I stuttered.

"Luke is just a stupid jock with a huge fucking ego." Harry said.

"I'm gonna kill that bastard..." Louis said. He seemed really pissed...

"Aw Delilah! It's okay..." Liam said, trying to comfort me.

"See, Del? Everyone agrees he's a jerk." Ni said, running his hand through my hair.

"B-but everyone in Geography t-thought it was funny!" I stuttered out.

"Come on, you have to be exaggerating." Zayn said in disbelief.

"Sadly, she's not..." Niall said,

"No... No... she's too sweet for them to do that, Niall! Why would everyone be so mean to her?" Liam asked.

"E-everyone is mean to me. Well except y-you guys and Niall..." I said.

"That's just not right." Harry said.

"She doesn't deserve that! How long has this been going on?" Zayn asked.

"Since we started high school..." Niall said, quietly.

"You have to be fucking kidding me. Delilah shouldn't have to deal with that." Louis said.

Luke and Juliet walked up behind us.

"Aww poor wittle Delilah, being a wuss?" Luke said, laughing.

"Luke, shut the hell up!" Louis shouted.

"Oh, what are you gonna do?" Luke rolled his eyes.

"This." Louis stated.

And with that, Louis got up and beat the crap out of Luke.

"Fucking hell..." Liam muttered.

"Not again..." Zayn said, worriedly.

Juliet brought Luke to the Nurse, and Louis sat back down.

"I can't believe you just did that, Louis..." I said.

"Nobody messes with my friends." Louis said, shrugging.

We headed to Algebra, all chatting. Our teacher was in the middle of explaining the lesson, when over the speakers, we heard:

"Will Mr. Louis Tomlinson please report to the principal's office immediately, I apologize for the interruption."

Louis slowly got up and walked out. I have a bad feeling about this...


- Louis's POV -

"Suspended?! But..." I started.

"No buts, Mr. Tomlinson. You physically harmed another student. There's no way I can let that slide." Mr. Cowell said.

"But Luke was a jerk! He pushed Delilah out of her chair and threw her books on top of her! I couldn't let him get away with hurting my friend!" I said.

This isn't fair! Suspended?!

I sighed. I wasn't going to get out of this...

"Fine... how long am I suspended for?" I said, defeated.

"2 weeks." Mr. Cowell said.

"Fine..." I said, getting up.

This was going to be a looooong 2 weeks, for me and the boys and Delilah.

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