Silent Stripper

He never speaks a word.
He's silent.
His cloudy, dark world mocks him.
He has no words.... No words at all.


3. Silent Stripper - Chapter Three

Chapter Three




"Why won't you speak?"

"What are you hiding?"

"Can you speak at all?"


The concerned voices filled his head. He felt warm tears streaming down his face. He looked in a nearby mirror seeing his blood red face. He was angry. Ashamed. Disappointed in himself.


"Don't you dare let them hear your voice."

"You are a piece of shit."


"You should be ashamed of yourself."


That word repeated itself through his brain. He heard the voice over and over again. He grabbed a vase and threw it against the wall, not letting out a single noise. Not a scream or a yelp. He remained silent. He knew what would happen to him if he let out the slightest noise.








I walked in to my house and my parents automatically ran to me.


"Ginamarie, where were you last night? What happened to your head?" They both asked me tons of questions.


"Mom, dad. I'm fine. I broke up with Andy last night. He hurt me." I lied. Well I kinda lied.


"We need to call the police." My dad said.


"No. It's fine. I just want to go get this stitched and ignore it. I want to pretend as if nothing happened."


"Are you sure sweetie? We could press charges."


"No. I don't want to deal with it. We can just get a restraining order or something."


"Okay, dear. If that's what you want." My mom said sympathetically.


"That's what I want." I nodded.


"Okay. Well let's get you to the hospital." My dad said grabbing his keys.


We walked out the door and it seemed as if I could only see one thing.


Harry's face.




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