I'm Giving Up On You (Magcon Boys)

Blonde Hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes. Thats's every boy's dream girl, right? The Magcon Boys agree. Especially when they meet tumblr girl, Jace Dallas. She's the girl everyone loves but, she's hard to find. If you're not on tumblr 24/7 you won't know about her. No wonder they had no idea who she was, until they take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Jace's home town.


7. Chapter:7

Everyone is arriving in Oakland tomorrow. So, since Aaron and I have the day to ourselves, we are going to the San Francisco Zoo.

"Oh my gosh Aaron! Did you know The San Francisco Zoo is a 100-acre zoo located in the southwestern corner of San Francisco, California, between Lake Merced and the Pacific Ocean along the Great Highway. The zoo's main entrance, once located on the north side across Sloat Boulevard and one block south of the Muni Metro L Taraval line, is now to the west on the ocean side of the zoo off of the Great Highway.This zoo is the birthplace of Koko the gorilla, and housed 693 individual animals representing about 197 species as of 2011." I seem like a nerd, I know. I just like to do my research.

"God, you're a weirdo. But, I love you." He replied, grabbing my waist and pulling me off of the bar stool.

"I know you do." I said, smiling. Aaron slammed me down on to the couch and before I realized it, he was on top of me kissing my neck.

"Aaron, I have to get dressed." I giggled.

"Why? You look fine."

"I look like I haven't taken a shower in atleast a year.." I said, finally, he got off of me. I went into the bathroom, and turned on the water. It was steaming.

"Can I join you?" Aaron asked, peaking through the door.

"Not today,Mr.Carpenter." I smiled, closing the door all the way.

OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=116689229

     "Finished." I walked out of the bathroom, singing.

     "Why are you so dressed up?" Aaron asked, laying on the bed sprawled out.

     "I'm not dressed up." 

      "Yes you are.." He argued.

     "Would you rather me wear sweatpants, a tanktop, no makeup, sandals, and my hair matted. Do you want me to look like I just came out of a cow's ass?" I was pissed.

     "You look fine. Let's go." He obviously didn't want to argue. So, I left it alone and followed him out the door.


     We went and looked at every single animal, they were all so pretty. It was alot of fun. We're on our way back to the hotel. 

     "You know I can't believe what you did." I said, looking out my window.

     "I didn't do anything. I wasn't trying to get with her." He said.

     "Whatever! She was all up on you! And you were obviously enjoying it!" I argued, "Yo know what just stop the car." I said to the driver, he pulled to the side of the road and I started to get out. 

     "Jace, get back in the car." Aaron said, grabbing my arm, I jerked it away and slammed the door. I began walking down the sidewalk for a bit. I got tired of walking and called a cab. 

     I got into the car and told the driver the address of the hotel. I took my phone and earbuds out of my purse. I turned on my Calm playlist. The first song that came on was Birdy-Skinny Love. I hummed along to the song, till I heard a screeching of wheels, I jerked my earbud out and looked to my side. Before I knew it, there was a sharp pain in my side, I heard yelling, sirens, and people talking. Then I blacked out.

*Aaron's POV*

     I got to the hotel, wondering if Jace was sill walking or if she decided to get a cab. I was about to call her when I got a call from a strange number.

     "Hello?" I asked.

     "Hi, is this Aaron?" A lady asked.

       "It is, Who is this?" I asked, I was confused as could be.

      "My name is Amanda Blakley, I found this girls phone and you were the first on her recent calls. I needed to tell you that she has been in a accident and is on her way to Sharp Memorial Hospital." She replied.

        "Is she hurt badly?" I asked, I couldn't believe what she had just said.

         "I saw alot of blood, they are about to take her away so I need to give her phone to the Paramedics. Bye," She said, the line went dead. The taxi hadn't left yet. I jumped inside and told the man where to go.


     I was facetiming with Nash, Skylynn and Hayes when I got a call from Aaron. He never calls me.

     "Hey I'll talk to you in a bit, Aaron is calling." I said, immediately hanging up on them, "Hey." I answered.

     "Cameron, It's Jace." I heard panic in his voice.

      "What happened?" I was already grabbing my bags, which were already packed.

     "She's been in a accident. She's at the hospital here in San Diego. They said there was alot of blood." He said. 

     "Okay, you take care of her. I'm on my way. I'll call the other boys." I said. The line went dead. I slid my shoes on and packed my bags into the car. 

     I called the other boys and they were on their way to San Diego too. We were suppose to fly in tomorrow. 

*Aaron's Pov*

      They wouldn't let me see her. They said she was being taken into surgery immediately . They said alot of things. I knew what room she was in. I hadn't seen anybody go in or out of there since I'd gotten here like 4 hours ago. I heard the elevators ding. I looked up to see Nash, Cam, and Matt.

     "Hey guys." I said, getting up out of my chair. I'd given Cam and Nash a high five but when I got to Matthew he just ignored me.

     "So, What have you been up to?" I asked Matt. No Answer.

     "What's wrong?" I asked.

     "You really want to know what's wrong?" I nodded, "What wrong is it's your fault she's hurt. You knew I liked her! You were the first person I told! I didn't expect you to go and date her! If it weren't for you then we would all be at home packing. Just like everything was normal! But no! We're here worried about something that shouldn't have even happened." He yelled, everyone was staring.

     "Sorry. I didn't know you would make such a big deal out of it." Just then Jace was being pushed down the hall. She had bruises and cuts all over her. On her head there we're two huge gashes, there was a tube coming out of her mouth, I hated seeing her like this. She looked....Dead.

     Matthew didn't say anything else, he just walked outside. No one said anything. Soon, a nurse came over to us, she flipped through her papers. 

     "Family of Jacelyn Dallas?" All three of us immediately stood up. Right then, Jack and Jack, Shawn, Carter, Hayes,Matthew, and Taylor all walked in, they ran over to us.

     "Are you all part of the family also?" The nurse asked pointing her pen toward them. We all nodded.

     "Can you please say your name and specify how you are in relation to the patient?" She asked.

     "Aaron Carpenter, Fiancee." I said. I know that we're aren't engaged but if I would have said boyfriend they wouldn't let me see her.

     "Cameron Dallas, Brother." 

     "Taylor Caniff, Half brother." Most of us lied about how we were realted to her.

     "Jack Gilinsky, Uncle." 

     "Jack Johnson, Brother in-law." 

     "Nash Grier, Step brother."

     "Hayes Grier, Step brother."

     "Shawn Mendes, Cousin." 

     "Carter Reynolds, cousin." 

     "Matthew Espinosa, Adopted brother." We all finished lying. 

     "Wow, this family has alot of boys."She giggled, "Anyway, you can each go in 2 at a time. She's still unconscious." The nurse, walked away.

     Cameron went in first, Jack and Jack went next, Shawn and Carter, then Matthew and Taylor, Hayes and Nash, finally, I went in.

     I pushed the door open to see Jace laying on the bed. She was bloody. She was blue,black, purple, and yellow. I couldn't stand to see her like this. She had stitches going across her forehead, and under her eye. I kisses her cheek, making sure I didn't hurt her. I quickly walked out of the room.

     "Well, we're all about to go to the hotel." Cam said, "You coming?" 

     "Nah. I'll stay here for tonight." I said, sitting back down in the chair. I got out my phone and made a youtube video. I didn't have my camera so.

     "Hey guys. So, you're probably thinking, 'Aaron why haven't you made a video in over a year?' Simple, I've been busy. So as you can see I'm in a hospital, why? Because Jace and I got in a argument and took different cars back to the hotel and she was in a accident. So, just so you know she isn't dead I'll show her to you. " I got up and walked into Jace's room, making sure I didn't show her room number.

     "Yea guys so heres Jace." I jumped from around the corner.

      "AARON! NO!" She yelled, hiding her face. She was awake.

     "Jace! You're awake!" I yelled, "I was just showing everyone that you were alive." I said.

     "Come here." She said. I walked to her, still filming. She kissed my cheek.

      "So y'all I know I'm looking rough, but I just want to show you all my bruises so that you don't think The boys haven't been beating me up." She showed each of her cuts, bruises, and gashes. 

     "Ask you can tell they're all fresh." She smiled.

      "So, guys we will see you next time." I said.

     "I love you!" She smiled. I turned off my phone. 

     We spent the rest of the night apologizing and looking at stats and things. 

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