I'm Giving Up On You (Magcon Boys)

Blonde Hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes. Thats's every boy's dream girl, right? The Magcon Boys agree. Especially when they meet tumblr girl, Jace Dallas. She's the girl everyone loves but, she's hard to find. If you're not on tumblr 24/7 you won't know about her. No wonder they had no idea who she was, until they take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Jace's home town.


4. Chapter:4

   I woke up to Aaron's arms still wrapped around me. I looked over at Cam's bed which was still empty. I wonder if he had came in at all. Maybe he had just stayed with the other boys. I also wondered how it would be with Aaron and me. Would it be awkward? Would we be official? Will he ignore me? All these things were running through my mind all at once. I felt Aaron move a little, but I layed still.

     "Goodmoring Beautiful." He said leaning over my small body, he kissed my cheek. I rolled over. I knew I didn't look as bad as I did yesterday morning. So I didn't care if he saw me. I layed there for a moment, still wrapped up in his arms, staring into his eyes. Gosh, he was perfect. I stood up after a bit and slid some vans on. I'm not sure who's they were. 

     "Come with me? I'm going down stairs to get my clothes out of my car." I said, hoping he would come. Before I knew it, he was right behind me holding my waist as we walked out of the room. We stepped out into the hall and every one of the boys were standing right there. They all looked at us, eyes wide as could be. I saw Cam smirk, like he knew that this would happen. Nobody said anything, We passed them and went down stairs. I pulled out a part of the floor board and under there was a pile of beauty things.

OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/jace_outfit/set?id=115676104

     It was 1:30 and Aaron and I were on our way to Taco Bell. Everyone else said they didn't want to go, so we're suppose to meet them at 2. 


     We pulled up behind the arena, finishing our tacos. We went inside, but instead of going to the room we usually do we went onto the stage. We sat there for a few minutes. Silent.

     "So..Um? About last night.." Aaron broke the silence. I was worried abotu what he was going to say.

     "What about it?" I asked. Trying not to make eye contact. But It felt like he was staring at me.

     "Well, I mean I like you. But, Do you like me?" He asked, uh gosh this is such a hard question! How am I suppose to be able to answer this question without sounding like a creep.

     "Yea, I kinda like you." I said, translation 'I kinda sorta maybe like you alot. More than I had originally planned.'

     "And today is our last day here..I was wonder, if we're like together?" OH MY GOD! I should have know he was going to ask this question! 

     "I don't know, I mean, what do you want?" I asked, I felt like my heart was about to bust out fo my chest. Jesus christ.

     "I want us to be together...Officially." Woww. Me? Dating a magcon boy? Seriously?

     "Okay then. It's settled, we're together, right? Officially?" I asked. Wow. K. Jace. GET. YOURSELF. TOGETHER.

     "Officially." He said.

      "Well okay then we need to make this official." I said, opening up vine. As Aaron did the same.

     "Heyy guys..Um I have to tell y'all something. Which I will do in the next vine." I said, smiling because I love messing with the people who follow me.

     "Me and Aaron are officially dating!" I said, then kissed Aaron's cheek.

      "Guess what?" Aaron kissed my lips this time,"Jace and I are dating." He said into the camera of his phone. We posted the videos and before we knew it. The guys were on the stage and fans were screaming our names. 

      "So I'm pretty sure you guys already heard but no one told us, so.." Mahogany did some things on the laptop and Soon mine and Aaron's faces were on the screen. IT was the vine we had just made about our dating annoucement. Some of the boy's had mad looks. But the other's had smirks, just like Cameron. 


     It was after Magcon, everyone was upset that I wasn't going with them. But, they didn't know that I was going. I was going to wait until they were on their planes until I boarded mine. 

     Aaron, Jack J, and Jack G rode to my house with me. We went inside and up to my room. I pulled out my huge suitcase and started packing everything.

     "What are you packing for?" Jack G asked.

      "I'm going to stay with a friend for a few days." I lied, goign into the bathrrom to change into some more comfy clothes.

OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/jace_outfit/set?id=115708397

     We got back into the car and went to meet the others at the airport. 

     We walked in and sat down to where everyone else was waiting.Jack and Jack's plane was called first, then Nash and Hayes, Carter, Shawn, Matthew, Aaron, Taylor, then Cameron. Once Cam was on his plane I got on to the same one. As I walked to my seat, he saw me.

     "Jace? What are you doing?" He asked, standing up.

     "What's it look like? I'm going to Cali." I laughed, then took my seat across the isle.

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