I'm Giving Up On You (Magcon Boys)

Blonde Hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes. Thats's every boy's dream girl, right? The Magcon Boys agree. Especially when they meet tumblr girl, Jace Dallas. She's the girl everyone loves but, she's hard to find. If you're not on tumblr 24/7 you won't know about her. No wonder they had no idea who she was, until they take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Jace's home town.


2. Chapter:2

    It was right after Magcon  and I was dying of hunger. 

     "Am I the only one dying of hunger?" I asked, the boys as I was laying down on the floor.

     "Nope." They all said in unison.

     "Hey! I know this great restraunt a few miles away. It's called Twenty Two Grill, it's amazing! I love it! and they are open late tonight." I said getting excited. I hoped everyone would want to go.

     To my surprise everyone agreed to go. We all packed into my car once again. The ride there was very quiet, which was really a surprise to me. They had been so loud all day. But for once they were quiet. I kept hearing phones go off. I was almost positive they were texting eachother because when one would shut their phone off, the others would ring. It was really annoying. I think they were talking about me but I'm not sure. After a few minutes we arrived at our destination. And piled out.

     "How many?" The waiter asked.

     "12" I replied.  He led us to our table. 

     "Jace! Sit by me!" Said Matthew smiling. It seems like he's smiling all the time. Gosh, he's such a cutie.

     "Boy back off. She's obviously sitting by me. She's MY cousin!" Cameron said, pulling a seat out for me.

      "You are both wrong. She's sitting by me. I've been hanging out with her all day." Said Taylor. I was dying of laughter. This argument was just so funny. It got so bad that everyone of the boys were arguing about where I was sitting. Even Hayes. 

     "Just let her sit by Matt. He said something to her about it first." I smiled at Mahogany's comment. She had been sticking up for me all day. It's a girl thing.

      "Ha! See she's sitting by me!" Matt said. As I pulled the seat out beside him and took a seat. 

     The rest of the night was just as interesting. I didn't get home till almost 1am. Thank goodness tomorrow I don't have to be there till 2:30 I think I might have died if it wasn't that late. 


     I woke up the next morning to pounding on my balcony door. 

     "What the hell?" I opened the door and who did I find standing there? No other than the Aaron Carpenter.

      "First, why are you here? and second, why didn't you just go to the front door?" I asked. I knew I looked like I had been on crack for the past 20 years but who cared. 

      "Well, I figured your parents wouldn't let me in..and I just wanted to tell you that you need to get dressed by 11:30 and Matthew likes you!" He said so excitedly. 

     "Okay. Why do I need to be ready that early? Couldn't you just text me this?"I asked. I knew it wa slike playing 20 questions but I'm curious about things in the morning.

     "Cameron wanted me to come and tell you this in person. I don't know why.." He replied. Aaron is just so sweet, and funny. I felt so bad for him seeing me this way. I don't like him but still.

      OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/jaces_outfit/set?id=115544778

     It was exactly 11:30 when I pulled up at the what I call arena. I walked inside as I did the day before. I went to the same exact room. Expecting to find all the boys being weird as usual. But I only found Shawn.

     "Um hey..Where's everyone else?" I asked. He didn't answer he just grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to another room. I walked inside and I found Jack G. 

     "Will you please tell me what's going on?" I demanded. Still I didn't get a answer, he took me all way around the building to yet naother room and who did I find? Nash. This time I didn't say a word. Nash grabbed my arm and took me to another room. Hayes was in there, he did the exact same as the others. The cycle continued, until Jack J took me outside where I found Aaron and Taylor. We waited a few minutes until a black range rover pulled up. We got inside.

     "What is happening?" I asked. Both Taylor and Aaron looked at eachother and smiled. I knew Cameron was doing something because I had met Carter after Hayes, then Matthew, then Jack J. Now Taylor and Aaron. The only one I haven't seen is Cameron. Jesus, cousins these days.

     "You'll see, cutie." Taylor said. Aaron gave him a dirty look.

      "Dude, back off. That's Cameron's cousin." Aaron spat at Taylor. I knew this was not going to be pretty if I added on. So, I slotched into my seat and blasted Flights by Jack and Jack out of my ear buds. After awhile of driving we met Mahogany. She took me to Devil's Dungeon. And who did I fidn standing in front of the entrance? No other than the Cameron Dallas. 

       "Why did you make me go through all of this?" I asked. Like seriously, he could have just said, 'meet me at Devil's Dungeon'.

     "Because I knew it wasn't going to take us very long to sick tired of being here so I needed somehthing to kill time." He replied, grabbing my arm and pulling me through the entrance.


       We had spent the whole time screaming our heads off. We were now on our way back to Magcon.

     "You look too much like Taylor with that on your head." Cameron said. I looked at him as he kept his eyes on the road. I examined his nose and jaw bone and everything. Surprisingly, things about us resembled. 

     "Cameron?" I asked.

     "Can I ask you something?" I had butterflies in my stomach I felt like I was going to be sick.

     "Is there a chance you were adopted?" I asked. I soon saw tears swell up into his eyes. He nodded his head up and down.

     "I was adopted. When I was born my parents gave me up. But I never found out who they really were." He said. That's when it hit me. My Mother always said thing like "If your older brother was here." or "I wonder what your brother would do in this situation?" My mother got pregnant with Cameron when she was 17. She was too young so she gave him up. She got pregnant with me when she was 19. So then she was officially an adult. So she kept me. It all makes sense.

     "Cameron...I think you're my brother. I mean my mother always said stuff like "If only your older brother was here," I've never met my uncle and I don't think my Dad has a brother. It actually makes sense." I said. There were tears in my eyes now. I knew that we were going to have to get blood tests to see for sure cause my parents were NOT going to tell us.

~SO GUISEE! I really hope you liked this chapter. It's not my best but it's okay. I'm just randomly coming up with things and changing things so yea, OOHHH guess what! My mother said that when Magcon or teenhoot which ever comes first is in Nashville next time I CAN GO! YESS! oh and if you want to follow me on vine go right ahead just type in Lyndsay and It should come up I mean how many people in the world spell their name Lyndsay...So, I'm just wondering but do you think that Cameron and Jace are brother and sister or not... or and Does Jace gotta Bae or not? Is she tryna date or not. But seriously I think that Jace and Aaron would just be the cutest thing ever or Jace and Taylor because they both wear bandanas!! OH MY GOSHH! I just don't even know i think imma make this story a Magcon boys fanfic instead of a Matthew Espinosa fanfic, whadda y'all think and Oh the way I know all these things about Tennesse is I actually live there. In the middle of no where. It's actually this little bitty unincorperated place in the very top corner of West Tennessee. My house is litterally less than 5 minutes away from the mississippi river. Anyway I'm hyper good night. ~Lyndsayyy


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