I'm Giving Up On You (Magcon Boys)

Blonde Hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes. Thats's every boy's dream girl, right? The Magcon Boys agree. Especially when they meet tumblr girl, Jace Dallas. She's the girl everyone loves but, she's hard to find. If you're not on tumblr 24/7 you won't know about her. No wonder they had no idea who she was, until they take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Jace's home town.


15. Chapter:15

      My phone blasted Beyonce-XO, I knew it was Matthew calling. I rolled over felt around for my phone.

"H-Hello?" I stutter, trying to stay awake.

"Were you asleep?" Matt asked, he sounded wide awake.

"Yea, it's fine. What's wrong?" I wondered.

"Taylor is coming to you. He's on a flight right now." He replied.

"Are you serious? Why?" I was worried.

"He had a wreck while driving a four-wheeler and broke his arm." Matt huffed.

"God, he's stupid. Okay, I'll keep my phone on so, he can call me." I replied.

"Alright, well, I love you." He said.

"I love you too. Bye." The line died. 

      I quickly glanced at the clock. 5:47 A.M, Who calls a person at 5 in the morning? I need my beauty sleep for crying out loud. 

OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=120767529

     I grabbed my keys and ran out the door, Taylor had just called me. I turned the radio up, tring to stay awake. 

"C'mon." I motioned Taylor over to the car,"Will you hurry up? I'm tired." I huffed.

"Do you want me to drive?" He asked, trying to be sweet.

"Have you lost your mind? Of course, I want someone who has a broken arm to drive my SUV." I laughed.

      Taylor rolled his eyes and got in. He connected his phone to the bluetooth and blarred 'Buck'Wild'


      "JACE! WAKE UP THOT!" Brooklyn screamed in my ear. I grabbed a pillow and coverd my head. "Do you want to see Jeffrey Miller?" She teased.

"Ugh." I moaned,"When?" I asked.

"Can you just get up? We'll see him later." She plopped down beside me.

"Can you pick me out some clothes?" I whined.

"Mhmm." She nodded.


 OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=124041230

"Hey! I know you! You're Jace Dallas!" I heard a familiar voice say from behind me.

"Jeffrey! We were just coming to see you!" I hugged him.

"I figured. So, how's the baby?" He asked.

"Good. I mean I'm only 10 weeks."

"Hey, That's almost three months. Anyway, who's this?" Jeffrey asked, motioning to Brooklyn.

"Oh! This is Brooklyn. She's one of my friends visiting from Nashville." 

"Nice to meet you." She shook his hand.

"You too." 

We went to the boardwalk and got some ice cream. We had a meet up and met alot of cool people. 


    I may have done a little shopping. 


"Y'all I'm cooking!" I laughed, "Stop eating!" 

"Hurry up then!" Brooklyn and Jeffrey yelled.

"I'M HOME!" Matt slammed the door open


"What's going on?" He laughed.

"They won't stop eating! They're driving me crazy." I put my head in my palms.

"Jeffrey, how are you bro?" He asked.

"I'm well, you?" 

"I'm pretty good thanks for asking. Hey Brocklyn." Yes, he mean Brocklyn. It's a joke.

"Brooklyn." She corrected.

"Don't care." Matt took his bags up stairs.

The rest of the night was pretty smooth, around 10 I took Jeffrey back to his hotel.


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