I'm Giving Up On You (Magcon Boys)

Blonde Hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes. Thats's every boy's dream girl, right? The Magcon Boys agree. Especially when they meet tumblr girl, Jace Dallas. She's the girl everyone loves but, she's hard to find. If you're not on tumblr 24/7 you won't know about her. No wonder they had no idea who she was, until they take a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Jace's home town.


10. Chapter:10

It was the last day before I was going back to Tennessee. I just got back from doing a bit of shopping. I walked past everyone's room to mine. I passed Jack and Jack's room, hearing alot of screaming. I listened for a moment.

     "So Aaron, How'd it go with Jace the other day?" Jack G. asked.

     "Let's just say. It was our first time." Aaron replied.

     "You slept with my sister?!" Cameron yelled,"Dude, How was she?" He asked.

     "Never Trashy, just a little nasty." Aaron laughed.

      "Really? Man, I wish that was me, sleeping with her." Taylor said.

      "She's amazing." Aaron said.

     "Really?" I busted in the door,"You're going to make sly remarks about how I am in bed! That's disgusting! Oh and Cameron, You're my brother! How could you ask a question like that?" I screamed, turned around and walked out the door.

     I began packing my things as soon as I walked into my room. Aaron walked in the room right behind me.

     "Babe-" He grabbed my waist.

     "Don't babe me. I was listening the whole time." I said, pushing him off.

     "Listen to me!" He yelled.

      "No! I have nothing I want to hear from you! You know what we're done! " I yelled, grabbed my bags and went downstairs, Aaron following behind. 

     I called down a cab, I climbed inside. Not allowing him to follow. I got to the airport as fast as possible and boarded the next plane back to Tennessee. My phone was being blown up. I didn't care.


     I'd been on my phone and caught glimpses of the texts I really didn't want to read them, but I wouldn't be back to Nashville for the next 7 hours. It's a 8 hour flight from Oakland to Nashville. I began reading the text after I got mad at flappy bird.

From: My Bubba<3

Where are you? Please, I'm so sorry! Come back!


Everyone is flipping out please respond to one of us.

From: The Bae:*

I'm so sorry! I love you. Jace, please don't do this. Don't ruin Jarron.

From: Jack G.

Jaybae, please come back, or tell us where you are.

From:Blondie A.K.A Jack J.

Hey. Call me.

     I thought hard about who I should reply to. Honestly, I didn't care about ruining Jarron. It was a bad couple name anyway. 

To: Matt,Cartahh,Shawn, Hayes, Jack J.

Hey, I'm so sorry I left. Thank you for not saying anything about me, I really appreciate it. I'm not sure when you'll see me again. I'm headed back to Nashville. Don't tell Aaron nor Cameron where I am. I don't feel like dealing with them. Come visit me when ever you like. I'm always here if you need anything. I love you sweet boy. :* -Jacelyn<3

      I pressed send,feeling bad for leaving them behind. I let the tears stream down my cheeks, leaving wet, red marks. My eyes were puffy. I just wanted to lay down and cry. 


     I got off the plane, I was finally in Nashville. I called Brooklyn, Alexa, and Hannah. They were my bestfriends and they all lived together.

      "Hello?" Hannah picked up the phone.

      "Hey, it's Jace. I'm at the airport, Can you come pick me up?" I asked.

       "Yea, give me like 10 minutes and we'll be there." She hung up.

       I waited for a little bit then I saw Ferrari FF pull up. I instantly knew that was them. They always had the Sports cars like that. I put my things in the trunk and got in. 

      "What happened?" Brooklyn asked.

      "I lost my virginity to Aaron. Then I heard him and the others making remarks about me." I replied.

       "Oh my god. Are you pregnant?" Alexa asked, very loudly.

       "No." I replied.

      "Did you use protection?" Brooklyn asked.


       "Oh. Have you even made sure?"

       "If you mean have I taken a pregnancy test? Then no." I replied.

          No one said anything else. We stopped by wal-greens and bought at least 5 tests. I couldn't go home. So, I stayed with them. 


      We arrived at their house. I barley had enough time to put down my bags before I was being pushed into the bathroom. I took the first test. Then waited. I prayed I wasn't pregnant. 

"Hannah!" I called. She came racing into the bathroom.


      "Check for me." I replied.

      I watch her pick up the test and then her eyes got big. 

      "Um. Jace..You're pregnant." She said. No! I can't be.

      "It could be wrong." I said, pushing her out and taking 2 more.

       Both came out positive. I slid my back down the wall, and began crying. I didn't know whta my parents would do. I don't even think Aaron would believe me. Or believe the kid was his. Maybe I shouldn't even tell him. 

      "Matthew?" I asked.

        "Jace? Is that you? What's wrong?" He asked.

      "Matt, I need you to come to Nashville. No scratch that. I need you to come to Lockport, New York."

      "Of course. When?" He asked.

      "February 20th."I replied. It was already the 18th. Magcon had ended the 16th and no on was leaving Oakland till tomorrow.

      "Okay. I'll meet you there. Just be careful, okay? I'm here if you need anything."

      "I love you Matt." 

      "I love you too Jace." The line went dead. I would be back on a plane by tomorrow night. I trust Matthew. I believe he would help me through this. I had been pregnant almost a week, well since the 15th. I put on my pajamas and starred at my stomach in the mirror for awhile.  On the bright side I didn't have a belly.


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