Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


3. Fallen: Chapter Three

"Ly I'm so sorry." Hile said while walking with Ly. "I just got caught up in the moment. I will never want us to get in trouble"

"You should have been the smart one! You know what they will do to you and this might cause you to get expelled!"

Ly said raising her voice making many students to stare.

Hile and Ly was in front of Angel Atan's office. The door has a gold linings in the corner and has many similarities to the Academy's huge door. There are two huge cylops standing on both side of the door or what Angels call Effraye. The two Effrayes stared at both Hile and Ly as if noticing them for the first time. One of the Effraye whispered something to the other cyclop in a language Hile didn't understand. He look at Ly beside him and Ly seemed to be in another world. Before Hile can get her attention, Angel Atan's door opened. The two Effrayes look at Hile as if urging him to come inside. Hile felt a grip from Ly and he knows what she meant. Hile walk into Angel Atan's door and can feel Ly staring at him as he made his way to the door. The door closed behind him, making his breathing the only sound in the luxurious room. Inside, it look like any other office Hile have seen, book shelves everywhere and a man sitting in a huge chair looking straight at him as if he can see his soul.

"Please sit down, Mr. Fairangel"

He said while gesturing to a soft chair in front of his desk.

Hile heard a noise and saw the five Anticipo boys sitting to the far end of the office. He ignored them and focused his attention to the man in front of him.

"As you can see, it's the first day of school so I will let this go. If you are not Ms. Heartangel's friend, I will get you expelled immediately."

He said Ly's last name with full of respect.

"This will never happen again, Angel Atan. I promised."

Hile said looking at Angel Atan's gray eyes.

Angel Atan stood and move toward the shelves in his right. He get a huge book with pure gold cover and has markings Hile recognize. It was the book he had heard about while growing up. The book contain of how an Angel can be turn into a Slegna. It gave chills to Hile as he watched Angel Atan place the book in his desk.

"Do you know what this is?"

He asked without looking at Hile.

"Yes, Angel Atan. I have heard of it. It's the Book Of Mal"

"Very good. Do you know what it contains?"

"Yes. It's a book that can turn an Angel into...... into a Slegna"

Hile said still looking at the book.

Angel Atan nodded and once again sat down in his huge chair. Angel Atan is not much older than Hile's father but closely, you can see his face starts to wrinkle. Maybe out of stress.

"Do you know that it had never been open for 500 years?"

Angel Atan asked.

"Yes. I have heard Lucifer was the last one who opened the book when he turned many Angels against Father Dieu (it's the term Angels call for God, not like the Humans). It's said that over the past 500 years, many had tried to open the book but failed because of the power it contain."

Hile said becoming proud of himself.

He loves reading as much reading Angel's History.

"I'm impressed, Mr. Fairangel. Maybe I misjudge you"

For the first time, Hile saw a smile on Angel Atan's face but disappeared quickly.

"Thank you, Angel Atan"

"I hope we make this very clear. If I heard one more fight that includes you, Mr. Fairangel, I will expelled you. I hope you learn your lesson. You may go now. And for the five of you, we have a lot to talk about"

He said while pointing to the five Anticipo boys.

The five boys stood and walk to Angel Atan's desk with a look of hatred in their eyes. As Hile prepared for his departure, Angel Atan include one more thing.

"Mr. Fairangel, I would like this conversation to be just to ourselves and I hope it will not get to Ms. Heartangel"

He said as Hile walk out of the office and saw Ly waiting for him.

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