Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


6. Fallen: Chapter Six

Hile run. His legs felt numb and he ran as if it will be his last. His heart pounding inside his chest and his breathing fast. It felt like forever but he got to where Lucifer and Ly were standing.

Lucifer covered Ly's mouth with his colossal hand and she is trying to let of the grip. Lucifer smiled.

"Let go of her!"

"Is that how you would persuade your parents by shouting at them?"

"Don't change the subject, Lucifer!" Hile shouted. "What do you want from her?!"

"Have you heard about not asking questions to Slegnas? And why would I spoil my plan to you?"

Hile saw tears in Ly's eyes and her green eyes full of fear. Lucifer touch her face with his fingertips, slowly moving to her cheeks in an up and down motion.

"Don't you dare touch her!"

Hile can't take it anymore. He will hurt Lucifer even if the consequence is for him to get expelled in the Academy.

He ran and prepared to punch Lucifer in the jaw but he was gone in an instant. Hile forgot that Slegnas are fast.

His eyes scan everywhere and at the corner of his eyes, he saw Lucifer. He is not with Ly anymore

"Where is she?"

Hile asked as he tried to punch but like the last time, he failed.

"A place where you can't find her."

"Just wait until the Academy found out."

Lucifer laugh and become his true self.

"My dear brother will take care of it"

"Angel Atan will never do that! He is not like you!"

"He can't" He said. "but I can"

"How-...." Hile didn't need to finish. He knows the answer. Lucifer have the ability to change his appearance to be someone else.

"You figured it out? I know you would start to put the pieces together."

"But.. you can't be in one place at once."

"Well, ordinary Angels can't but I can. So you see, you can't stop me from my plans."

He said while he punch Hile in the nose.

Hile felt blood in his lips, blood stream from his nose. He wiped the blood off as he felt determined to at least punch Lucifer even once.

He sprint, and his hands clenched. He is a few inches from Lucifer. He can feel the adrenaline rushing through his body as he gathers all his strength to his left hand.

He punched Lucifer's jaw and his hands sting from the punch.

Lucifer didn't even flinch, he just stand there as if nothing happened.

Hile punch again and again until both of his hands were dumb. He look at Lucifer, as he breath heavily.

"Are you done?"

Lucifer asked with a smirk.

Hile is still out of breath as he straightens his posture and his breathing back to normal.

"No! Tell me where Ly is!"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, I do!"

"Why?" Lucifer asked. "is she really that important that you would die for her?"

"What do you know about love? You don't even have a heart!"

Lucifer flinch like he hadn't expected it. His blue eyes swift from Hile from a second then he look back. He was back to his true self.

"Hile! Help me!"

A familiar voice shouted.

Hile recognize the voice. It was the voice he can listen every minute of his life. The voice is sweet and fierce.

The voice came from Ly. She is running as two cyclops chase her. The two cyclops is the same cyclops that was standing in front of Angel Atan's room.

"Go get her or I will end both your life!"

Lucifer shouted as the two cyclops speed up their pace.

Hile's head is spinning. He doesn't know what to do. He can't take the two cyclops by himself and he can't obviously take down Lucifer either.

Ly is getting to closer to Hile and he ran towards her. Lucifer got a hold of her and the two cyclops grab Hile's shoulder. His feet is dangling under the clouds and he screams at the top of his lungs.

"Let go if her!"

Hile said as he struggled to get out of the two cyclops iron grip.

"I gave you a chance, Hile. No, I gave you two chances to save her. It's clear your not worthy to earn your wings."

"Please, just let her go! I'll be her replacement if that's what you want."

Lucifer laughed and so as the two cyclops that is holding him. He can feel the two cyclops' chest move in an up and down motion.

"Why would I want you? Your just an ordinary Primo!"

Lucifer is right, he is just an ordinary Angel. Nothing special, but he knows in his heart he would regret for not saving Ly.

Hile heard noises coming. Many voices. Heavy footsteps running on the clouds. He saw Lucifer's face change and he was looking at someone Hile can't see.


A voice said.

"Stop this nonsense and let go of Ms. Heartangel."

He said in a soothing voice.

"Atan, you know I will get everything I want and I want her."

"What would you do to a Foi? She is nothing, your just going to waste your time on her."

"She is not just a Foi girl, brother." Lucifer said. "She is my daughter."

Lucifer's wings appeared. His wings starts to flap back and forth. He float in the air and disappeared into the clouds leaving Heaven behind.

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