Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


7. Fallen: Chapter Seven

Hile stayed where he was not moving any muscle as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he started to relax.

"Are you alright, Mr. Fairangel?"

Hile nodded. Ly is Lucifer's daughter? The thought made him shiver and angry at the same time.

His day has been strange, and he feel exhausted. He want to go back to his Brook but he won't be sleeping, he will be thinking of how to save Ly from his father.

"We need to find Ly."

"Mr. Fairangel" Angel Atan said softly. "The Heaven Officials will discuss this conflict and you don't have to be involved. I will give you an update if we find her. You have to go to your Brook and rest."

"I can't!" Hile shouted.

"Ly could be in danger! We don't know what Lucifer will do to her! Please, Angel Atan, let me help on finding her!"

"Very well, Mr. Fairangel. But you need to rest. I know your day have been rough."

Hile nodded. He made his way to his Brook, thoughts flooding into his brain.

He felt empty without Ly beside him. He can imagine her smile at him and he will smile back.

It's true that you will know how someone mean to you when you experience moments without them.

As Hile walk towards his Brook, he saw his mom standing. She is wearing a white dress and her brown hair that goes to her shoulder is perfectly combed.

He was just a few inches from his mom and he hug her tightly. She return the hug and massage his back in an up and down motion.

Hile can feel the tears building up into his eyes but he quickly wipe it with the back of his hand. His mom let go and her blue eyes that are identical to his stares back at him.

"We should go inside"

She announce as both of them went straight to the cloud house.

Hile saw his house once again and feel familiar as he take a sit in one of the couch in the living room.

His mom sat down in front of him and she place her hand on one of his knee letting him know that she is here to listen.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She ask showing that she understand.

"I would rather not. I will take a rest."

Hile stood up from his seat and went to his room.

Books scattered everywhere and use clothes on top of the bed.

He looks at the scattered books and picks them up one by one placing every single books into the shelf.

He sat in his bed and lay down.

He quickly dozed of to sleep without even noticing.

His thoughts clouded and his sight unrecognised.

He blinks a few times, and look around. His surroundings unfamiliar.

He realise that there is a girl standing in front of him. He thought it was Ly but he disappointed himself as she saw the girl clearly.

The girl is wearing a red T-shirt and torn jeans. She has shoulder length black hair and light brown eyes.

She is staring at someone behind Hile. He turned around and saw a familiar emerald eyes staring back at him.


He asked surprise.

She nodded and pointed at the other girl. Hile followed Ly's finger where she pointed.

The girl is still standing with her usual clothes but this time she is with someone.

A boy, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans similar to what the girl is wearing.

The boy has curly brown hair but he can't see his face because he is facing the girl.

When the boy turned around, Hile's eyes widened. The boy is him.

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