Hile Fairangel just want to spend his two years at Angel Academy with his best friend Ly Heartangel, but what if Heaven's biggest fear reappear? Hile will face his biggest fear, he will do the impossible and will risk his life for the girl he value the most. Which will he choose? His childhood friend Ly from Heaven where he belongs or his newly found love from Earth?


4. Fallen: Chapter Four

It's been a week since Hile and Ly had been staying in the Academy. Hile got use to his schedule as well as Ly. Hile's favorite subject had been Angel El who teaches about Slegnas. Hile had the same Human subject with Ly which he was glad about. Hile tried not to be in any trouble especially since the day Angel Atan talked to him. He is in Angel El's classroom with his fellow Primos. This class are full of Primos and no girls are present so do Anticipos. As Hile scanned the room, he saw pretty much everyone paying attention to Angel El.

"Slegnas are Angels that become sinners"

He said matter of factly. "You all should have all learned that because that's what we had been talking about for almost a week"

One Primo boy raised his hand. He was Zen Lightangel. He is popular because of his father and because of the fights he had been into.

"When are we going to learn how to fight Slegnas?"

"Be patient, Mr. Lightangel. We will get to that after we learn about Slegnas' history"

Angel El replied.

"I can't wait any longer! My father wanted me to become an Angel as soon as possible!"

"Mr. Lightangel, we have our rules in this school. I don't care if your father is one of the Heaven Official. Respect others in this class because you are not the only one that wanted to learn"

He said as he continued his lesson about Slegnas.

Hile hadn't really thought about what's going to happen after he graduated. It occurred to him that he got a lot more to learn about Humans and Slegnas.

As class ended, Hile went out of the class and scanned the crowd. A few moments passed, he saw his best friend.


Ly shouted as she ran toward him.

"Hi! How's your class?"

"It was fun! We learned how Lucifer urged other Angels to follow his plans. Did you know?....."

She said as she continued to explain how Lucifer tempted other Angels and how they got influenced by him. To be honest, Hile love the history, but if you had heard your teacher repeats it several times and your best friend. Well, its a different story.

As Hile looked at Ly talking, he can imagined her with her wings and being the best Angel she can be. She got everything. The beauty, the brain and the kindness of her heart.


She asked.


"You were looking at me like I'm an extinct species that you saw for the first time."

"Well, your one of the most beautiful girl in the Academy."

Hile replied.

Ly blushed and look away. Hile wondered what she was thinking right now. Did she think that he wasn't serious? There was a few moments of silence as they got closer to Angel Atan's class. Ly's enthusiasm returned as they saw others gathered around the room.

"Good morning, everyone! Please take your sit."

Angel Atan command.

Everyone sat down. The class are a mix of Anticipos, Primos, Combattants, Peurs, and Fois.

Hile sat in the front with Ly beside him. Angel Atan scanned the class and suddenly his wings started to move. Hile heard some gasped and and shocked faces. Hile, however, was amazed in what he saw. Beside him, Ly look almost angry but he ignored her. Angel Atan floated and just like any other Angel, he moved gracefully around the room and stopped in front of a girl that Hile didn't know or just didn't notice.

Angel Atan's wings suddenly started to slowed its movement and he slowly got down. His wings clasped and become invisible as if he had no wings. He stared at the girl and the girl stood frozen. Not showing a single movement.

Hile felt a little jealousy because Angel Atan did not stop in front of him. The girl's face softened and she smiled at Angel Atan.


The girl said in a man's voice.

Everyone dropped their mouths and stared at the girl and Angel Atan.


Angel Atan said with disgust in his voice.

Hile can't believe what he just heard. Lucifer? How? Why? Questions swarmed his brain as he tried to focus. Everyone was as shocked as he was and for the first time, Hile saw Ly afraid which never happen.

"How have been my Atan? I have heard that you are the new Principal of the Academy since Angel Gale got expelled"

Lucifer said as he paced the room.

Angel Atan stood where he was.

"Yes. It's very unfortunate to what happened to Angel Gale. I am very overwhelmed by the vote of the other Heaven Officials for I, to be the new Principal of the Academy"

"It's no surprised to me since your grandfather was once the president of the Academy" He said "But what really intrigued me was why you have a Mensch in here"

He said as he walked in front of Hile and Ly.

Hile saw as Lucifer's real features showed. His mask, slowly dissolving into his true identity. He has curly gray hair and blue eyes that reminded Hile of the sky. He is about 6 foot tall and very skinny. He wore glasses that showed his intelligence and a ring on his pointing finger. It was a ring he had seen before, it was a silver feather with gold linings on it. It has words neither French, Italian or Greek. Lucifer was not looking at Hile but to Ly.

"What's your name?"

Lucifer asked.

"Brother, what is your real intention to be here?"

Brother? Hile asked himself. Gray hair, blue eyes? He started to realize the similarities. Why hadn't he realize it sooner?

"You know me Atan. If I got bored playing with Umanos, I will come visit you. I know how much you enjoy my company.

He said mockingly.

"Class is dismissed." Angel Atan said. "We will finish our discussion tomorrow."

As Hile and Ly went out of the room, Angel Atan spoke.

"Except for both of you."

They both turned around and stood where they were. Hile felt Ly's nervousness as Angel Atan approached them.

"Please take a sit"

He commanded for both of them.

"What is it, Angel Atan?"

Ly asked politely.

"Tell them, brother. Enlighten them with your knowledge."

Lucifer said.

"Have you heard about Mensch?"

"Yes, it's a half Angel and a half Slegna."

Ly said as matter of fact.

"Indeed, Ms. Heartangel."

"Why, Angel Atan?"

Angel Atan hesitated and can't look at Ly straight in the eye. When Angel Atan was about to reply, Lucifer answered for him.

"Because your a Mensch, Ms. Heartangel"

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